My honest review about Isometric Mass

Isometrics Mass

Thinking of the tremendous amount of fitness books out there it must be something that somebody have a new idea in this ocean of ideas and techniques. And the best idea I ever found is isometric mass.

And to be frank isometric mass isn’t really a new idea but it was hidden idea. How is that? It is very novel and romantic how this idea came to our world. When I researched this program and its creator Alby Gonzalez I was shocked to know it’s origin, can you imagine that Alb Gonzlez learned this program from an escaped convict, Gonzlez revealed that himself. Can you imagine that? The most powerful muscle building technique escaped from the horror of Russian prison to reveal it’s self to you. This is better than fiction.

That escaped Russian convict gave us fellow men the secret to increasing testosterone and building muscle and hopefully the science give him credit one day. However we muscle builders will not need to wait for the scientific tests we will only need to see the results and that’s why I am writing about this great program. Let me share with you some of the pros and the little few cons I found before I tell you the massive components that program include


  • Isometric mass is very friendly guide that no one in my opinion will need trainer with this program
  • Isometric mass specially designed for men over the age of 40, 50 and to me this is even a more advantages to younger men. I always believe that if it works for the older it works for the younger.
  • The program is outlined in a way that anyone will find it easy to grasp and like everybody else you will understand all the steps you can follow them in your day to day life easily.
  • Although it is very revolutionary program yet it is very affordable. Why buy $200 old program with repetitive routine when I found revolutionary program for few dollars.
  • I don’t think you would ask for refund but you will receive money back guarantee when you buy this great program


  • I didn’t find much cons till now but I think training with trainer have some benefits of its own and you may mess those benefits with isometric mass because you will not train with trainer. Actually you don’t even have to go to gem (this is kind of pro to me and to most men).
  • Training in home without going to gem needs more will and determination so do not procrastinate your training.
  • Isometric mass doesn’t make promise to get the desired physique very fast but it certainly faster than convectional ways.

Product description (All included in the purchase price)

  • Basic product one: Isometrics Mass Quick Start Video Guide.
  • Basic product 2: Isometrics Mass Instructional Video Library
  • Basic product 3: Isometrics Mass Workout Guide.
  • Basic product 4: Isometrics Mass Printable Workout Logs

Free Bonus

  • Bonus #1: Isometrics Mass Bodyweight Edition
  • Bonus #2: Isometrics Mass Done-For-You Meal Plan
  • Bonus #3: Isometrics Mass Supplement Guide
Isometrics Mass
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