Secret Death Touches

All about the creator of the product, Robert Lawrence:

Robert is a retired marine who has been living his life as a martial artist for many years. He had the revelation of being a protector of loved ones when he and his grandson were at gunpoint. Though he was a trained marine with lots of experience, he could not do anything in the face of guns. He then knew the secrets of the death touches that made Bruce Lee die. He was confronted with the fact that he could learn this one technique that would help him fend off any kind of enemy and save his life from any kind of threat. 

Knowing all of these secrets helped him understand the points that you can hit in a certain way to the organs that were vital. This made him a secret martial artist that has the power of the death touches. This is only something that is thought of a mystery, a whisper and a taboo in the martial arts world that only te rogue martial artists perform. However, he learned that there is a way that he could learn this to protect himself and his loved ones in the time of need. 

Everything you need to know about the product Secret Death Touches:

Secret death touches is a program that will teach you how you can protect yourself with some of the best techniques known to martial artists in the world. These are 12 techniques that can kill a person if the person hitting intends for it. This program will come in handy if you are in a situation when you need to defend yourself or your family from someone. The moves that Robert is going to teach you to come right from Li who is a known martial artist that specializes in these moves. 

You will instantly know how to defend yourself from any kind of aggressor. They can be big, tall, small, fast, with a gun or without a gun. These moves will always work because they are made in a way that would stop the aggressor in their tracks. These moves come right from the hands of a secret assassin who is a master at this art. Rober will also teach you through the Secret Death Touch:

  • How to bring down any attacker in seconds
  • How to use very little force to bring any attacker down
  • How to use only your fingers to attack
  • The secret dojo technique
  • How to dismantle anyone with a gun
  • How to protect yourself
  • How to paralyze someone for minutes

The secret death touch is also going to include tips of how to position your body against the aggressor's body, how you can evade attacks regardless of the speed or power of your opponent and so much more. You will also learn about the secret techniques of the martial artists that help them stay safe while fighting or while defending. This is also great if you want something that is easy and quick to learn. It will work well even if you have never had any experience doing martial arts. What's even better is the fact that you will learn the best way to fight which does not use any kind of slugfest techniques that might take you out at any time. Instead, these methods require very little energy and use more techniques and precision. With the secret death touches, you'll be able to take out even the strongest mixed martial art fighter or a boxer in no time. This may seem like it's impossible, but the way that it's designed is to make the fighter lose consciousness or be severely shocked by a huge amount of force which is the combination of your techniques. This is something that regular fighters do not do and instead, they aim to take the fight to the ground which puts them at an advantage of submission or knockout. Though this may seem like it's something that is good, the strategy itself is very dangerous. The secret death touches will teach you how to evade attacks and how to knock someone out very quickly because it is designed to save your life but not necessarily fight. 

Many fighting styles are all about actually fighting which involves blood, sweat, endurance, toughness and being able to hit hard. This is doomed to fail because you are putting yourself at risk of having your arm broken or getting knocked out. Usually, fights are not just with fists and legs, but they involve knives, guns and other weapons. Secret death touches are designed to counter that with precision attacks. You will be able to take out anyone with one hit. 

Advantages of using Secret Death Touches:

There are so many advantages to using secret death touches such as finishing fights and aggressors in a few seconds, being able to take out opponents with guns, evading attacks and learning the secret death touches that will actually kill a person if you intend it. You will be able to take out anyone and protect your family from aggressors, you no longer have to carry a knife or a gun for protection because just your own fingers are going to help you defeat even the most fearsome of fighters and aggressors. 

One great thing about secret death touches is the fact that anyone can learn it, it does not require you to be strong, fit, tall, muscular, experienced or trained for martial arts. Anyone can start at any level and it only takes a little bit of time to learn the skill of taking down someone in a few seconds. 


Secret death touches is a great program that will help people protect themselves by learning and perfecting the art of taking down someone in a few touches. You will be able to use only your fingers for knocking someone out with no fights, no blood, and no trouble. This program does not require you to be experienced at all and it works perfectly for people that have a lot of aggressors. 

Secret Death Touches
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