The Dan Valois Self Defense And Survival Belt Review

Dan Valois Self Defense And Survival Belt

The Valois SSD-90 Knife Belt is a product that can be used in survival circumstances in a number of ways. As the name suggested, it is a creation of Dan Valois, a legitimate knife craftsman residing in Arizona. He is an experienced seller of different varieties of knives he makes himself, include a number of knife belts. In online platforms, he is marketed by a self-Reliance Association best known as “A Community Focused on Independence, Survival and Truth,” (AFIST). It is quite unique that Dan sells his own knives which appear identical to Valois SSD-90 Knife Belt. The only difference between the knife and the belt is the price. The belt has been legalized in all the 50 states and in Canada too. The blade is 2.75 cm long with a serrated edge. The knife can with ease be separated from the buckle and then returned back to the belt easily as well. The belt is of nylon material, making it quite simple. The knife belt is reasonably priced and can be acquired online from It has been structured in a way that suits all designs, with waist size ranging between 24 and 52.

Features of the Valois SSD-90 Knife Belt        

The following are the main distinguishing features of this knife

  • It is a 2.75 steel serrated blade entirely enclosed in an in the belt buckle and therefore no one, including attackers and authorities will know you are in possession of this tool.
  • One of the outstanding features of the belt is that it is fully adjustable and can perfectly fit waists sizes ranging from 24 to 52.
  • It is a heavy duty nylon belt
  • It can be utilized in survival conditions for webbing or rope devoid of stretching or ripping.
  • It is a robust and sophisticated black buckle.
  • The belt remains tight and locked even after the knife is removed.

With the above features, the device is a perfect complement to a gun. In fact, in some cases, you may not need a gun at all. Detaching the knife from the belt will guarantee you maximum protection. Even though the manufacturer suggests the authorities should not know you are in possession of this devices, it is an act of kindness to both yourself and if you don’t take a flight with it or in any controlled security setting such as an arena.

The Bonus eBooks Included in the Product

A number of downloadable eBooks are incorporated in all the purchases. They are delivered via your email once your purchase is confirmed. But how significant are they? Most of the online programs incorporate bonuses to the purchases, yet they end up being irrelevant to the users. Nevertheless, these ones are genuine and very helpful. They are survivalist-style eBooks in PDF format that will impact you with necessary skills for survival in outdoor conditions. Know how to approach a demanding or life-threatening situation is key to survival, and that makes these bonuses even more essential than one could ever imagine. Well, they include the following:

  • The American EMP Survival Guide. This is a 55-page book, written in a simple and easy way that any person can understand it.
  • Wilderness Survival Guide, a 23-page guide book.
  • The 29 Plants You need to Survive, with a total of 109 pages.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Food Storage, 55 pages
  • The Tiberian Growdome System, 61 pages.

These additional bonuses contain material information relating to their titles. They will acquaint you with knowledge of cultivating essential plants, food storage, surviving in the wilderness, and getting out of an Electromagnetic pulse attack safely.

Advantages of the Dan Valois Self Defense and Survival Belt

  • The knife is enclosed in the belt buckle and therefore you will be equipped with a sharp, handy knife at all time and anywhere you go.
  • It is easier to draw the knife out of the buckle. In fact, it takes only a half a second.
  • The belt is fully adjustable and can fit waists ranging from 24 to 52.
  • The knife is ultra-sharp with a serrated blade for easy and fast cuts.
  • The belt remains tight and locked even after the knife is removed.
  • Webbing is super-tough and fits any standard belt loops.
  • The knife will always be in the right place whenever you need it.

Dan Valois Self Defense and Survival Belt can also be put into and other meaningful uses apart for self-defense. For instance, some people use it for opening boxes and cutting plastics. It is the finest and easiest knife for such purposes. This is a fantastic product with a lot of positive reviews from users. Be sure it will be of great help to you. Besides, ClickBank is the retailer for the product. Your deposit is secured by a two month money back guarantee and therefore, you can file for a refund and get it in full suppose it does not meet your expectations. You don’t have to Miss it. Purchase this product today and enjoy other attractive features it offers apart from self-defense.  

Dan Valois Self Defense And Survival Belt
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