Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

Koonika Miidu is the author and the creator of this helpful program. The author of this program wants to show you that the Hell really exists and no one can change that reality. Though, he believes there's a way you can be saved from it and that is exactly what this program is all about. The program contains a lot of information to help you discover the confirmed facts about hell. There are testimonies from people that have visited hell and come back. Those are the people that want to show you the reality and also advise you to stop gambling with your soul. It is very easy to be convinced that this program is for Christians only. Hell is not for a specific religion. As a matter of fact, every person regardless of their religious background should take caution. The Hell Really Exists program is available in downloadable PDF formats. This means you need an Adobe Acrobat reader so you will be able to download and read it. As a matter of fact, you will get some other DVD format programs with testimonies from over 70 people that wishes to help you along the way. Read more here...

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Demonic Interference during Practice

What is demonic interference in practice It refers to some interference that we often easily run into while practising qigong. How can qigong practice possibly invite demonic interference Since it is indeed very difficult for a person to cultivate, he will not be able to succeed in true cultivation without the protection of my Law body. As soon as you step out of the door, you could possibly involve yourself in a matter of life and death. Human True Spirit is immortal. Then from your social activities in the previous lives, you may have owed somebody, done harm to somebody or committed some wrongdoing. The creditors will come to collect their debts. It is said in Buddhism humans live just according to the causational principles of rewards and retributions. If you owe someone something, he will come for his payment. If he gets more than he should, he will return that to you next time. If a son disrespects his parents, it will be the other way round in the next life. This is the way it...

Demonic Interference from ones Own Mind

What is demonic interference from one's own mind There is a field of matter around the human body in every dimensional space. Within a special field, everything in the universe could be reflected, like shadows, into your field of space. Though they are shadows, they are of material existence. Everything within your field of space is dictated by the consciousness of your brain. Namely, if you look with your Celestial Eye peacefully without any mental activities, what you see will be true. If you start to think slightly, what you see will all be unreal. This is called the demonic interference from one's own mind or mind transformation. It is because some practitioners do not treat themselves as practitioners and can not control themselves. Such a person seeks after supernormal capabilities and is obsessed by minor skills and abilities or even by hearing something from other spaces. He is obsessed with pursuing such abilities. This kind of person easily develops demonic interference from...

Golden Demon Kung Fu

Phs Pts OCV DCV Notes The Demonic Touch of Ba Yixiao 4 +0 +2 STR +2d6 Strike Lo Kung's Demon Claw 4 -2 +0 Shield of the Seven Demons 4 +5 Use Art with Demon's Claws Demon's Claws (Zhao Jlng) are an Oriental magical item made from the hands and claws of a demon. A pair of Claws' level of power (i.e., the number of dice of HKA) depends on the power invested in them by their creator some pairs are extremely deadly even in the hands of the untrained. Fortunately, Demon's Claws are rather rare. Golden Demon Kung Fu Optional Rules The Gilded Hand of Lu Sing Hao, the Demonic Touch of Ba Yixiao and Lo Kung's Demon Claw all take a 2d6+1 location roll the Diabolic Strike of Chang Kien takes a 3d6 roll. Special Abilities The same as those for the Kung Fu package. Additionally, some masters of this style are reputed to be able to summon demons to aid them it is said that they sell their souls to some patron demon lord to gain this power. A few masters possess other demonic powers, such as the...

Demonic Interference

Demonic interference refers to the manifestations or visions that appear during the cultivation process and that interfere with a person's practice. Their goal is to prevent practitioners from cultivating to high levels. In other words, demons come to collect debts. The problem of demonic interference will surely arise when a person is cultivating to high levels. It's impossible that one has not committed wrongdoing in one's lifetime, just as one's ancestors must have in their lives this is called karma. Whether a person's inborn quality is good or not reflects how much karma this person carries with him or her. Even if he or she is a rather good person it is still impossible to be free of karma. You can't sense it because you don't practice cultivation. Demons won't care if your practice is only for healing and improving health. But they will bother you once you begin cultivating to high levels. They can disturb you using many different methods, the goal of which is to prevent you...

Histoav of the tiitvxa

Ninja have existed almost as long as the Empire itself. They have remained largely unseen, hidden from the enemies that surround them. They have deliberately spread the rumors that ninja are masters of foul magic and demonic practices. In this way, they have ensured that they are feared by all who encounter them. It makes their duties far simpler.

Shpoud of the shadow dpaqoa ctuilube secret s7sll

With this spell, a bit of the Shadow Dragon, the incarnation of darkness, is called to temporarily inhabit the target. Though the Dragon leaves after only a moment, the target is forever altered. The power of Nothingness remains in a permanent hole in the target's soul. The target is forever after a Goju, one of the demon Ninja servants of Jigoku. He immediately gains two Shadow Points, and can acquire more as usual.

Chi Kung and Kundalini The Real Secret of The Masters

Ogy and LSD, who has modernized some of the ancient techniques for transcendence into what he refers to as holographic breath training. Their Spiritual Emergence Network provides a very real service for those who are battling their inner demons. cf living energy and hormones. If you don't know what you are doing, it is more like what is described by Gopi Krishna or Christina Grof--eight to twenty years of hell until you give up your fear and grow up. The martial artist who becomes involved in physical transformation that results in transpersonal growth tends not to lose his or her sense of humor. We also realize that once the typical seeker sees our path, they look for something less risky. We know that most not only won't but can't get IT. We tend to let our student victim client friends struggle through the belt system at their own speed or drive them away if they can't develop higher expectations. It is a tragedy from my viewpoint that our institutions burdened with the role of...

He Attains Cultivation Energy Who Does the Cultivation

The master knew exactly what would happen, but he also had to do so. As a result, the demon came to scare him, and turned into a beauty to seduce him. There would be various happenings. Once the demon realized that he was indeed not moved at all because the Assistant Spirit had a relatively easier time cultivating, and could understand the truth. The demon became irritated, and made an attempt on his life for revenge. So, he was indeed killed, and his debt had all been paid. After his death, the Assistant Spirit came out like a thread of smoke drifting about. He went into Speaking of it here, I shall add another sentence. There are many such people in the world of cultivation, who have always been attempting to cultivate towards high dimensions. They have travelled everywhere and spent a lot of money. They have not found the well-known masters after visiting different places in the country. Being well-known does not necessarily mean that these masters really understand anything. In...

Diagnosis Of The Nature Of An Attack

I IAVING considered the purely physical factors in a psychic disturbance, we may now come to the consideration of its genuinely psychic factors. We must always bear in mind, however, that because physical disease is found, it does not necessarily eliminate the psychic factor. A physical condition, such as an abnormal state of the blood, may cause a low form of psychism and put its victim in touch with evil astral conditions. Science may call it delirium or hallucination, but the occultist calls it pathological psychism and can do a great deal to relieve it, either by closing down the psychic centres, or by excluding evil psychic influences from the environment of the patient so that the spirits he sees shall be angelic instead of demonic, and cause him happiness instead of distress. The psychic centres forced open by a diseased blood-stream perceive anything that comes within their range of vision. Therefore let us ensure that nothing save what is pleasant shall come near them. We may...

The Kundalini Experience

Whoa, this was getting a little too strange even for me. I'd seen The Exorcist. What was going on now Voices in my head Get thee behind me, Satan Which is one of Jesus's better puns when you know about the spine. Who do you call, Ghostbusters People like to be the way they are and it is not for you to mess with them. You'll have enough problems dealing with what life throws at you. We're all in this together. Anyone is capable of doing chi kung to achieve the kundalini but there are definite dues and you will pay them. You pass through hell to achieve heaven. The Gods do indeed check you out. There are some very lively concepts or archetypes that seem to enjoy hanging out around you that can only be logically explained in religious terms and the presence of some rather atypical but archaic ideas. The The kundalini has legendary counterparts in Gothic, Greek, American Indian, Celtic, Chinese, Hindu, Japanese, African, Hawaiian, and other mythologies. This cross-cultural commonality...

KATA Competition

12.7.1 The KATA must be performed with competence and must demonstrate a clear understanding of the principles it contains. 12.7.2 The KATA performance must have demonstrated Correct breathing, good demonstration of power, speed, timing, balance and Kime. Correct weight distribution according to the Kihon being demonstrated. Techniques demonstrates Correct and consistent Kihon with the style being demonstrated. KATA uniformly demonstrates An understanding of those techniques being demon-demonstrated. A realistic, rather than theatrical demonstration of Kara meaning.

Mirror Mirror Seeing through a Glass Darkly

In maGIcal, religIous, and occult practice, cryptic references are often made to mirrors. Folklore, superstition, and myths from many cultures mention the use of mirrors and not just for scrying. Lao's mirror reflected the mind and its thoughts. Merlins mirror informed him of treason, secret plots, and other dangers to Arthur's kingdom. Vulcan's mirror showed the past, present, and future. Tezcatlipoca spoke to his Aztec supplicants as the Lord of the Smoking Mirror, and his mirror had the property of continually bringing faces to its dark surface as if seen through smoke. Practitioners of Zen refer to polishing the mirror as their actions are a reflection of the state of their souls. Ninjas do kyojutsu (weird air combat skills to subdue the demons). Vampires and yidam cast no reflection and their shadows are thinner and lighter. (No self ) Many so-called primitive societies believe reflections, like shadows, are projections of the soul and avoid gazing into water or having their...

Meditations for Awakening Kundalini

Once you've mastered the above exercises you are ready to begin Taoist running of the microcosmic and macrocosmic orbits. Before you start this process, read the following books carefully and you won't get into any trouble like being possessed by a demon, delusions of grandeur, or epilepsy Awaken Healing Energy Through the Tao by Mantak Chia (Aurora Press, 1983), Qui QuongFor Health by Takahashi and Brown (Japan Publications, 1981),and Zen Shiatsu by Masanuga and Ohashi (Japan Publications, 1977). The ryus from which this information is drawn and synthesized are called Cosmic Fire Gourd, Golden Bell, Heaven's Way of Longevity, Da Mo's Cave, and The Immovable School Passed Down from the Gods. If you have accomplished the Secret Smile, made a friend of your body, and learned to value silence as well as accept your opposites just do it

The Life of Tung Hai Chuan and the History of his Tomb

The History Castration

The legends, stories, tall tales, and fables that surround the life of Tung Hai-Ch'uan are more numerous than the number of times he walked around a circle during the course of his sixty-nine years. Because Tung has been glorified in pulp hero novels and martial arts fairly tales, separating the fact and fiction of his life story is not an easy task. If you are well read on the subject of Chinese martial arts, and you believe everything that you read, then you know that Tung Hai-Ch'uan could fly like a bird, walk on water, vanish into thin air, had arms that stretched down several inches below his knees, had demons enter his body to fight for him, and invented the art of Pa Kua Chang in a dream. All in a day's work for a Chinese folk hero.

Ghost Palm Techniques

The Ghost Palm (Youllng Shao) techniques were developed by the wizard Song Kuang. Song Kuang was once an evil man, but after the near-death of his beloved daughter because of his own evil acts, he reformed and went to Yengtao Temple (see below) to meditate and dedicate himself to the ways of good. After years of study, he developed a blow called the Ghost Palm of Song Kuang, which could be used to strike ghosts, demons and other intangible monsters. In later years, he and his disciples developed an entire portfolio of abilities to help them destroy evil Oriental monsters of all sorts. Thus, like the Ghost Eye school, the Ghost Palm is actually a collection of abilities and skills, not a fighting style. These abilities are intended to help the practitioner destroy evil creatures such as devils, vampires, malevolent spirits and evil dragons. The main Powers and Skills taught to Ghost Palm students are these

Discussion Of The Martial Study Of The Daoist Skill Of Combining Stillness And Movement Into

The spirit is half divine and half demonic. If we cultivate the Dao then we can become completely divine. If we wound and destroy we must become demonic. It is easy not to cultivate the Dao. The path is very difficult. The way is steep. Therefore cultivate the Dao. We must first have a strong body. When the body is strong, the soul is easy to awaken. If you desire a strong body, without martial arts you cannot get the skill. The martial arts and Daoist skills are two sides of the same coin. One is outer and one is inner. One is movement and one is stillness. First seek stillness in the middle of movement. Then seek movement in the middle of stillness. This is cultivating the martial arts and Daoist arts together.

The Motives Of Psychic Attack Ii

The general sense of vague uneasiness gradually malural into a definite sense of menace and antagonism and presently I began to sec demon faces in Hashes, resembling those picture images which psychologists call by tlx unpleasing name of hypnogogics. flashes of dream which appear upon tlx threshold of sleep. I was quite unsuspicious

Exchanges with Interesting People

Fiist I'll describe two conversations with Masaaki Hatsumi and their after-effects. I was walking across the big quad at the Girl Scout camp near Kettering, Ohio, where Steve used to hold the Ninja Festival when I felt Hatsumi behind me. I turned around and he was coming out of the dinner hall with Nagato, Kan (I think), and Jack Hoban. I waited until they crossed the seventy yards or so to see what the grandmaster wanted of lowly white-belt me. This was 1987 and I'd been wearing glasses since the late seventies. The usual middle-age astigmatism. Hatsumi grabbed my hands, looked into my eyes, and asked me what I thought about ninjutsu. I told him I was enjoying the training enormously and felt that what he was demonstrating was of great value. He would ask me a question and Jack Hoban and Nagato would translate back and forth. He did not let go of my hands. After Sherm finished his smoke, he came in, formally started the class, and began to demonstrate some cf the most punishing...

The Godan or Masters Test for a Ninja

The fifth degree means you are a master of the basic physical, mental, and spiritual fundamentals with your own contributions to make to the system. You have demonstrated mastery as well as contributed something unique to the system. In other words, you are not just imitating your teacher but have your own viewpoint. You have become an artist of the darker side of human nature in a socially acceptable context. It might be said you have awakened and tamed your shadow self. It must also be said that some masters' basics far exceed the norm in subtlety, effectiveness, and teaching skill. Sixth degree (rokudan) and seventh (shichidan or nanaedan, for the very polite) are considered the equivalent of Ph.D.s or doctors and are usually referred to as shi or shihan, which means head of school. These practitioners have developed chi, and are thought of as knights scholars in Ninpo and Budo Bugei. Hanshi or respected master is eighth dan or above in the traditional Japanese Budo. The title...

Cultivation of the Evil

Some people talk about the so-called The Tao grew by one foot but the demon grew by ten. This is but a fallacy among ordinary people. Demons will never be above the Tao. There is a state of affairs that the universe our mankind knows is only a small one among the numerous universes, and we just call it the universe for short. Each time after a long period of time in the remote past, this universe has always experienced a cosmic catastrophe, which was able to destroy everything in it, including the stars and all life in the universe. There is also a law governing the motion of the universe. For our present cycle of the universe, it is not just mankind that has become evil, as many beings have already perceived an occurrence of the situation for the time being, a big explosion has taken place in this cosmic space long before. The reason why astronomers today cannot see this is that what we see when we now use the most powerful telescope to observe it is a scene which occurred 150000...

Level Advancement Bonuses

6th - Select one additional Martial Arts Power from Body Hardening Exercises (including Demon Hunter) or Martial Arts Techniques, +1 to Locks Holds 11th - Select one additional Martial Arts Power from Body Hardening Exercises (including Demon Hunter) or Martial Arts Techniques, add one atack per melee 12th - +1 to Parry Dodge, +1 to Strike 15th - Select one additional Martial Arts Power from Body Hardening Exercises (including Demon Hunter) or Martial Arts Techniques.

Practice Principles and Methods

A No, it is not all right to fall asleep. How can you sleep when you practice Sleeping in meditation is also a form of demonic interference. The occurrence of passing out should not happen. Could it be that you did not express your question clearly in writing Losing awareness for three minutes does not mean anything has gone wrong. The state of losing awareness frequently happens to people with a superior ability to attain Ding (motionless state). However, it will be problematic if it goes on for a long time.

Sun Lu Tang standing in the Tai Ji Posture

Yin, right, and descending make night. Day comes and then night goes. Day and night pushing together create the four seasons. Change the body to the right turning movement. Circling this way then makes the Tai Ji Yin element. This is the qi of contraction. The sage says, It is the demon of spirit that makes virtue. This is the rise and fall of day and night. Each corresponds to the transformation of Heaven, Earth, and Nature. The Liang Yi Right Turning is central to fighting. Left and right have a sequence. How is it not the coming and going, the expansion and contraction of the One Qi Thus the Liang Yi is again created and the Si Xiang spring forth.

Spirit Possession fttft

Thus, these animals have some abilities. In the past people would say that the animal got the supernatural energy and possessed some abilities. In the eyes of ordinary people, the animal is so formidable that it can easily control human beings. In fact, I say it is not formidable. It is nothing to a true cultivator. Even if it has cultivated for nearly a thousand years, a small finger would be more than enough to crush it. We say that the animal possesses such a primordial instinct, so it can have such abilities. However, there is a principle in this universe An animal is not allowed to complete its achievement through cultivation. So you may find it written in an ancient book that it shall be killed every hundreds of years through a big or small calamity. The animal will have its energy increase when a certain time is reached. Then, the animal will be wiped out by a thunderbolt, etc., as it is not allowed to cultivate. Since the animal does not possess human nature, it cannot...

Attachment of Complacency

All of our practitioners should always remember never to behave abnormally among ordinary people. If you do not play a good role among ordinary people, they will ask how come the people who study Falun Dafa all behave this way. That would be as good as damaging the reputation of Falun Dafa. Be sure to pay special attention to this issue. Besides, be sure not to give way to the attachment of complacency in other aspects as well as in the course of the cultivation. Such an attachment may be easily utilized by demons.

Strategies for a New

Those who need a healing spiritual practice the most seem to be running hardest in the direction of fear and power. I suspect they have unwittingly selected the school sent by the nine demon gods. Some need a vision of Hell to appreciate Heaven's Way.

The Way of the Silver Shield

As its name indicates, the Way of the Silver Shield is mainly a defensive fighting art. Its precise origins are lost in the mists of time. However, the legends that are told to Silver Shield trainees tell of a small tribe somewhere in Vietnam which was beset by the demonic servants of an evil wizard known only as Thuc Minh the Destroyer. In order to combat these demons, the people of the village were forced to adopt defensive tactics and thus the style was born, named after the silver shield used by Hoang, the village's leader. The legends also say that the most advanced practitioners of the Silver Shield style are able to develop senses beyond those possessed by normal humans.


Like China, India has had martial arts since antiquity, along with many myths tied to receiving and teaching them. Some historians trace Indian martial arts back to the invasion of northwestern India by Alexander the Great. This is unlikely Alexander might have brought Pankration (pp. 188189), but the warriors of the local princes already had a strong tradition of armed fighting and unarmed wrestling. According to myth, the gods handed down these arts to humans so that heroes could defeat their demonic foes

Middle East

Wrestling has long been popular in iranian and Turkish culture. Legendary heroes wrestled demons. Rulers kept famous wrestlers at their courts, and sometimes wrestled themselves. A Turkish wrestling tournament, Kirkpinar, is said to be the oldest continuously running sporting competition in the world, having been held since c. 1362. Both Turkey and iran regularly send successful teams of wrestlers to international competitions.

The 7hosri

The Phoenix are unsure what exactly to think of reports of ninja. As scholars, they understand such myths always have some kernel of truth, and they certainly recall the terrible dangers that rocked the Empire during the War Against the Shadow. However, the alleged acts of many ninja are far beyond the realm of magic as the Phoenix understand it, which makes the tales somewhat hard to swallow. Add to this the fact that the greatest hero of the Phoenix, Master of Fire Isawa Hochiu, was the one responsible for destroying Goju Adorai, and one comes to understand the Phoenix clan's reluctance to pay heed to wild tales of demon-ninja. For the most part, the Phoenix relegate the idea of ninja to the realm of other peasant fancies.

Shadow Oirts

If a character's Shadow Points ever exceed his Void, he immediately becomes a Goju, losing all former family benefits and gaining all family benefits of the Goju family. The power of Nothing still continues to influence a character's actions as described in the Came Master's Guide, though it is now the Shadow Dragon and not the Lying Darkness that is responsible for the temptation. In addition, the minions of Goju are no longer the faceless creatures they were under the Lying Darkness' yoke. Their appearance takes on a more demonic aspect under the sinister dragon's guidance.

Clear and Clean Mind

The reason why you are unable to enter into the state of tranquillity is that your mind is not empty, and that your attainment level is not so high. And tranquillity is achieved from the shallow to the deep in accordance with the ascension of your attainment level. If you rid yourself of the attachments, your level will be raised and your capability of Ding will be strengthened. You want to use a certain way or method to make yourself enter into the state of tranquillity, I would say you are seeking help from the outside. It is just what is meant by seeking help from the outside in cultivation, which causes you to go astray and leads you to an evil way. Especially in Buddhism they would say you are going into the world of demons if you try to seek help from the outside. Genuine cultivation requires cultivating that mind of yours, and only when you improve your Xinxing can you attain tranquillity and active non-action (S ) in mind. Only when you improve your Xinxing can you assimilate...


Kiyoko has always been a rather cynical woman. Her long career as a diplomat caused her to develop a fervent dislike for politics, despite her skill at it. Her recent appointment as the master of Open Eye has given her a welcome excuse to retreat to the seclusion of the dojo. Kiyoko's ability to understand the motives and thoughts of others began at an early age. When her parents would try to soothe her with bedtime stories about demons and heroes, Kiyoko would stop them frequently and point out the inconsistencies in the tales. Though her parents were amused and impressed, Kiyoko's active mind led her to many sleepless nights.

Lin Kuei

The lin kuei ( forest demons ) are the ninja of ancient China. Some scholars believe that the ninja learned most of their techniques from the lin kuei, who are said to be Taoists that turned their religious martial training to the secular ends of deception, assassination and profit.

Iconic Rogues

The rogue is a popular striker for good reason. Adaptable to a broad range of situations, whether taking on demons or dismantling traps, the rogue is an asset to any adventuring group. Although rogues have plenty of advantages, your race choice can make your character even better.

Onibi No Jutsu

The art of the demon's fire involves the use of an enchanted demon mask. The ninja puts on the mask and is gifted with the demonic power to breath flame. These demon masks, the product of blackest ninja magic, are extremely rare some say that anyone who is not of the owner's clan that touches or wears one of them will be cursed. Onibi No Jutsu 2d6 RKA, Area ofEffect 6 Line (+1) (60 Active Points) OIF (Demon Mask, -V), No Range (line must begin where character is, -V). Total cost 30 points.

Chinese Dragons

So I began to read more about Daoism and there I found the spiritual home that I had been seeking. There was no God, no Satan, no hell or heaven. Only myself and responsibility for my own actions. I learned that in Daoism one's actions will dictate one's future, whether it be in this lifetime or the next. One often hears, What goes around comes around. It seems that in practising Qigong one's awareness of this cycle increases, especially as the speed with which things come back around seems to accelerate.

Chapter Fifteen

The Chinese practitioners of chi kung, the swamis of India, the Zen roshi, and the ninja are prominent examples of those who pursue enlightenment or awakening. Awakening is simply waking up your id, shadow, or true self. Enlightenment is the biological process of rejuvenating your hormone system. The side effects of obtaining enlightenment are called in Sanskrit siddhi. In the context of Buddhist yoga or Vajrayana (perfect mastery over the body and forces of nature) there are eight ordinary siddhis 1. the sword that renders unconquerable 2. the elixir for the eyes that makes gods visible 3. fleetness in running 4. invisibility 5. the life essence that preserves youth 6. the ability to fly, levitate, and or project onto the astral plane 7. the ability to make certain medicines 8. power over the world of spirits and demons. Enlightenment is differentiated from the eight ordinary sid-dhi as the sole extraordinary or supreme siddhi. It's number nine. And its expression is as diverse as...

Pincer movement

Running away from a sabre-toothed tiger Do you think that they may have worried about what their friends would have thought if they didn't defend their honour by standing and fighting I don't think so. All they would have been concerned about was getting the hell out of there, by any, and the fastest means possible. In fact their senses would have been so honed that they would have noticed the modern day sabre-toothed tiger, the skin head, long before the attack and escaped before there was even a confrontation. Higher grades in most traditional systems are revered, nay worshiped. This reverence doesn't squash the negative emotions in the way that the martial arts are supposed to in fact it does quite the opposite -it enlarges the ego and encourages many of the negatives that we should be driving out like demons. So we end up with a very high graded, very capable (physically) martial artist that is stuck to a pub bar by the superglue of peer pressure and ignorance. If a bar is...

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