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The Law Varies from Dimension to Dimension

To teach qigong indeed, one must preach the Law and expound the Tao. In my ten lectures, I'll expound the Law at the advanced level so that you can cultivate yourself otherwise, you simply cannot do it. What the others teach all belongs to the stage of healing diseases and keeping fit, and you will not be able to reach high dimensional cultivation without the guidance of the Law of the high dimension even if you want to. This is also true of your going to school. You are still a schoolboy if you attend the college learning the textbooks of a schoolboy's. Some people think they have learned many kinds of qigong, from which they have received a pile of certificates, but their cultivation energy has not gone up yet. They mistake these for the true essence and all of qigong. They are wrong because these are only the superficial knowledge of qigong at the lowest level. Qigong covers far more than these. It is cultivation. It has extensive knowledge and profound scholarship and the Law...

Offspring Of Kungfu Generations

Grandmaster Yip Man's lather, that is, my grandfather, was named 0 Doh. He was in fact brought up in a family of generations of merchants. My grandfather himself once ran a shop in Hong Kong. My grandmother, then known as Madame Ng, was praised for being a helpful wife and a good mother. Anyway, the Yip family in Futshan was a famous and influential family. The inherited large farmyard was situated at a newly rebuilt avenue, called the Fuk Yin Avenue, literally meaning Avenue of Happiness and Scholarship. The homesteads of the Yip family occupied a large area, with two symctrical rows of large old fashioned houses, amounting to not fewer than twenty in number lining along the two sides of the avenue, at exactly the site of the present Municipal Government House. The ancestral temple of the Yip clan was situated at the centre of the homestead. It was in this ancestral temple that the great Grandmaster Chan Wah Shun, the renowned Wing Tsun practitioner, had for quite a long period...

Fred Wu stands in the Ba Gua Zhan Zhuang stance keeping posture which he learned from Sun Xi

Plans to rebuild the country and established a program to send young college graduates to study abroad and receive practical training. Eight thousand people from all over China worked in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and many applied to take the examination in order to be selected for the program. Fred Wu passed the examination and won a scholarship to study in the United States. In 1947 Wu entered Ohio State University to study for his master's degree in horticulture.

When did you first go to Taiwan and what was your purpose in going there

I first went to Taiwan in 1981 because I received a scholarship to study there from a University. I was in my senior year of college and took a one year scholarship to go study in Taiwan. My major in school was East Asian Languages and so I went to the Taiwan Normal University to study Chinese. I had only been in the United States for about 9 months before I went back to Taiwan to live. After I finished my undergraduate degree I got a graduate scholarship to study in Taiwan. I went back with the intention of going to graduate school, but I never did really. I took the money and went to study at a place called the Mandarin Training Center and I was there for less than a year. I didn't graduate from there because it was more of a language training facility than a graduate school. I was supposed to enter graduate school back in Kansas, but I didn't want to go back. I took the graduate scholarship and used the money to study Taiwanese actually. I found a Taiwanese language school that had...

Strategies for a New

If you follow your bliss, allowing time for peaceful contemplation, and remember the ancient dictum that defense is moral and offense often leads to disgrace, the Way of the Warrior Artist Sage will in the end be seen as profitable as any other form of sincere scholarship. Sincere scholarship seldom pays well until all other avenues have reported failure. The sweet taste of fortune is both spiritual and physical when the emphasis is on learned taste and the fortune is earned. The Zen Buddha of the Ten Pictures rides the ox to the marketplace. The world is changing and it appears that the environment requires some heroic consideration. I have found myself regarding the farming methods of the Amish with much greater respect of late. There seems to be a different cycle of reincarnation that favors greater understanding between Kipling's severed East and West. On the darker side, the decimation of Third World populations and the urban ignorant by poverty, drugs, HIV, and other smart...

The Concept

Bakufu officials used their scholarship to draw up a list of orthodox concepts that were later given the sanction of the government. It was the Neo-Confucianism of the eminent Sung-dynasty philosopher Chu Hsi (1130-1200) chat was chosen co serve as the basis of bakufu Confucianism. Chu Hsi's socially oriented philosophy, called Tei-shu or Shu-shi in Japanese, was well suited to the purposes ot die bakufu. It was concerned with humanism, hi the sense that it focused directly on man and his closest human relationships racher than upon spiritual or divine law. This philosophy stressed man's obligation to fulfill the loyalties demanded by filial piety, social relationships, and his duty as a subject to his ruler.