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Demonic Interference during Practice

In our cultivation way, the period of time when we cultivate among ordinary people should not be used to live as monks or nuns. The young practitioners should still establish families. How should we treat this issue, then I have said that our cultivation way aims directly at one's heart and does not make you really lose any material interests. On the contrary, it tempers your Xinxing in the face of the material interests of ordinary people, and what will be really upgraded is your Xinxing. If you can give up your attachments, you will be able to abandon everything. When required to give up material interests, you can certainly do so. If you cannot give up your attachments, you will not be able to let go of anything. Therefore, the real purpose of cultivation is to cultivate your heart. The cultivation in the temple forces you to lose these interests. In order to enable you to get rid of these attachments, they force you to put an end to them and not to think about them. They use this...

How To Develop A Perfect Body

Also very psychological because it causes your body great pain and anguish that must be overcome more mentally than physically. When you overcame the pain and urges to quit you are breaking a psychological barrier and thus giving yourself a mental orgasm, or satisfaction that can only be achieved again by further physical pain that is endured till you win again. It is like being a prisoner of war and being set free after refusing to talk. You can only get that feeling you want after you have sufficiently punished yourself, and you don't feel that satisfaction you so desire until you have taken enough physical torture and endured no matter what it does to your body.

The Kundalini Experience

Which are logical progressions resulting from the experience but have little or nothing to do with attaining it. My practice was directed toward perfecting iron palm techniques, and I wanted enough voltage to shatter concrete blocks without effort or harm to myself. I certainly wasn't celibate and, until the first great disaster, Linda and I had a varied and active sex life, as we both considered sex the best form of exercise. I was feeling like a twenty-year-old, semi-erect all the time. I decided to masturbate, put some porn on the VCR, and was beating off while standing. Suddenly a tremendous burst of energy ripped up my back and hit the base of my skull. The pain was so intense I fell to my knees. I wanted to vomit. The back of my neck began to burn along with my right elbow, which I'd injured doing stupid tae kwan do katas a few years back and then reinjured playing tennis. From that day for the next six months sex was not a pleasure, as from the moment of erection I'd become...

A picture frame in Changs home holds a number of photos of Chang practicing Pa Kua Chang and posing with groups of

Self Defence The Tower Power

Chang Chun-Feng also had a special ch'i kung method. While he most likely received ch'i kung methods from all of his instructors and practiced ch'i kung in conjunction with the arts that he studied, the primary ch'i kung method which he practiced was taught to him by a student of Yin Fu whose surname was Tai. Chang's wife stated that this ch'i kung method was separate from his other arts and he did not teach it to many people. Chang did not teach this method to anyone who was married because he said that it was difficult to practice it correctly if the practitioner was having sex frequently. He did not teach his ch'i kung to anyone who was not a disciple unless they had a specific medical problem which could be improved through ch'i kung practice.

The Three Abstentions A

Interpromoting Cycle Elements

Gong, Li Zi Ming writes To watch for too long will damage the blood, to lie for too long will damage the qi, to sit for too long will damage the flesh, to stand for too long will damage the bone, to walk for too long will damage the tendons. Too much anger will damage the liver, too much joy will damage the heart, too much thinking will damage the spleen, too much grief will damage the lungs, too much fright will damage the kidneys, too much fear will damage the gate of life (ming men). Overeating will damage the stomach. Too much sex in the drunken state will damage the essence. Exertion in fatigue will damage to middle burner.

Essentials of Internal and External Skills in 72 Arts

Avoid of bumping your head (lit., kowtow , the act of kneeling and touching the ground with the forehead to show great deference) if you rose early in the morning, avoid of shady desires, avarice and disappointments, avoid of sitting on wet grass for a long time, avoid of being exposed to the cold in clothes wet from sweat, avoid of wearing thick clothes in very hot weather, avoid of fanning yourself when you sweat, avoid of burning a candle when you sleep, avoid of a sexual intercourse at the ZI time (between 11.00 p.m. and 1 a.m.), avoid of pouring cold water over your muscles, avoid of burning your skin with hot water, avoid of drinking cold drinks after a sexual intercourse, avoid of training when your are drunk (or have a

The Home of Modern Ving Tsun

Self Defense Kicking

This may have a few different interpretations. There is some belief amongst the older Kung Fu generation that sexual activity can sap the 'Chi' from the body. If this were to be the case it would mean that one would have to refrain from any sexual activity to realise one's full potential at Kung Fu However a more modern and realistic interpretation could be to be faithful to your true partner, do not be tempted to stray and be unfaithful.

Exchanges with Interesting People

Take it and do what you know how to do. I use this stuff for breaking bricks. I can generate for hours. Go for it. She returned to her work and I continued to breathe energy into her while she directed it into the lady from Puerto Rico. That woman snapped to attention, her eyes rolled back in her head, and she went into orgasm. Meg and Barb came over to watch us at play while our victim vibrated. Blue light was running in little streams all up her body and over her face. It was like she was being electrocuted with microwatts.

Screwing Up Higher Sexual Practice

In all my years cf training in ninjutsu, sexual practice has never been a formal topic of discussion. Most of the instructors don't think in terms of sex therapy or sexual energy. As warriors they tend to be pretty macho and miss out on most of the fun stuff. Usually only the girls in the art know how to dance, which is fine by me. However, as a scholar of Taoism I have noticed that the Chinese students of sexology are a long way ahead of Masters and Johnson, and have been for at least a thousand years. IT excellence in the pursuit of enjoyment includes spirituality in your sexuality, then you really have to face East for your inspiration. In hoshin we researched by comparative analysis where possible, as I like people to be informed concerning topics that are important to their happiness. In this section I'll discuss the psychological map and some physiological results of higher voltage, but if you want to check on the hard wiring and plumbing in the spirit house, check out the books...


Balance is to mobility as orgasm is to sex. Mobility is great, but balance is the finishing touch. If someone is off balance, it is incredibly easy to get some other force to finish him off, namely gravity. Think of the ease of it. With just a slight push or pull in the right spot, your opponent will be sucking asphalt. Wow, and you didn't even work up a sweat.

The Fall

The playful spirit hit a stumbling block when the liberal behavior started getting out of hand. The sexual acts were getting more and more blatant. The then discreet gay community was openly letting their presence be known. Scantily clad women would brazenly parade in front of the podium where the bodybuilders were performing. The crowds were getting too large to contain.

The One Birth Theory

Of sexual intercourse and subsequent physical development. Death is merely the decomposition of the bodily organism. It brings the organic process to its end and then vanishes without trace. Life within this cosmos is nothing but that. Materialists recognize only the present, denying everything before birth and rejecting whatever may lie after death. With a life-view that everything ends with death, there is ultimately nowhere for one to go. This leads to extreme emptiness and boundless despair.

Knife Fighting20

As a warrior each Marines conduct should always be above reproach. Our dealings with others should always be fair, honest and above reproach. This includes our sexual relationships. During your class on the sexual responsibility of the Marine you (learned) (will learn) about sexual reproduction, sexually transmitted diseases, safe sex practices and the Marine Corps policy on pregnancy and parenting. This is vital information that will help you to make correct decisions about your sexual conduct. However, the most important factor effecting your choices should be your moral foundation as a warrior, this is your character. is asking you to take a vow of celibacy, like every other choice in life you can choose to do the right or wrong thing. Entering into a sexual relationship with a member of the opposite sex is a natural part of being human. It is the type of relationship, and our actions that determine whether it is right or wrong. Let's discuss some of the values involved with our...

Da Mos Yi Gin Ching

Stick Shaolin Temple

There are several circumstances when practice should be avoided. First, when one is very hungry or too full. If you are very hungry it interferes with proper concentration. Wait at least 30 minutes and preferably one hour after eating so that the Chi is not so concentrated in the digestive system. Second, avoid practicing one day before or after having sex. Third, do not practice when you are so tired that your attention wanders uncontrollably. Fourth, do not practice after drinking alcohol. And finally, do not practice when you are very worried, for it will be too difficult to concentrate.

Sexual Practice

The Tao of Sexology The Book of Infinite Wisdom. San Francisco Tao Publishing, 1988. Combines Chinese medicine and sex therapy in unexpected but beneficial ways. Easy to read and experiment with. Discussion of million dollar point is invaluable. However, his discussion of strengthening the immune system to cancel out virus-related infections is not supported by my experience nor observation of others. Dr. Alan P. Brauer and Donna Brauer. E.S.O., The New Promise of Pleasure for Couples in Love Extended Sexual Orgasm (an illustrated guide). New York Warner Books, 1983. It's fun to see what a bright young couple can figure out to do with sexual organs and a Western medical background. Go scientific method

Mutual Dependence

The relationship between the internal body and the external environment is also an important consideration in qi gong practice. All good qi gong teachers will tell their students to practice in a quiet place which is shielded from the wind and cold. There are also certain times of the day which are optimum for practice, concerns about the quality of the air in the practice area, and certain directions one should face during practice. Environmental factors and personal habits (poor diet, over working, too much drinking, smoking, too much sex, etc.) all effect the body and the qi. Anyone who is engaged in qi gong training should be under the guidance of a skilled instructor who knows how to prescribe a qi gong method which is appropriate for that person's individual constitution and environment. Factors such as current physical condition (internal and external), constitution, occupation, character, age, sex, lifestyle, experience level, physical and mental aptitude, and diet should be...


There is much weirdness in sexual matters in all cultures and I have met or heard of more than one bagua teacher (sometimes Chinese, more often not) who wraps his classes in pseudo-taoism as a way to get young sexual partners. To be fair, though, there is certainly a legitimate aspect to the theories behind Taoist sexual activity from a traditional viewpoint, but caveat emptor (translation let the horny beware ) I also think that the old Chinese approach to preventing or limiting male ejaculation to preserve vital fluids and energies may often have had something to do with elderly rich men trying to satisfy the needs of a household with several wives, concubines, and attractive female maids

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