Basic Principles

The shuriken in flight

The shuriken travels through the air to the target in 3 different ways, depending upon the school, grip, and throw. The "direct hit" method, jikidaho or choku-da, involves holding the blade with the point out, towards the target. This method is employed in the Negishi Ryu, and also as a short distance throw in the Shirai, Jikishin and other Ryu. (see fig. 20, below)

Figure 20. "The direct hit" method

The second way that the blade turns, the "turning hit", is called hantendaho, or Ikkaiten-da, and involves holding the blade with the tip pointing into the palm. During its travel through the air to the target, the blade turns 180 deg, or 1 turn. This method is employed by the Shirai and other Ryu. (see fig. 21, below) but not by Negishi Ryu, however I believe nowadays students of Negishi Ryu also learn the throws and about the blades of other Ryu, including Shirai, .

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