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Clive Potter

Wong Shun Leung Bruce Lee
Master Wong demonstrates Huen Sau in Biu Jee

The 2nd July heralded the Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Association (U.K.)'s highlight of the year, the yearly Wong Shun Leung seminar held in St.Albans, Hertfordshire. Master Wong had arrived in the United Kingdom after completing seminars in Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Poland. Included in the visiting guests who had flown with Master Wong from Germany was Senior Instructor, Philipp Beyer who represents Master Wong in Northern Germany.

Master Wong Shun Leung has been involved in martial arts for nearly 40 years. His experience began like any schoolboy, by becoming involved in local fights. This developed into an interest in martial arts. He made a name for himself by successfully fighting, for Ving Tsun, against representatives from other schools of martial arts. Now his reputation is world-wide as a master of Ving Tsun Kung Fu. He has a very realistic and practical approach to his teaching developed by his experience on the street. Of course, some of Master Wong's fame in the West in recent years has come from his involvement in teaching the famous Bruce Lee.

This year Master Wong used the seminar to concentrate on teaching and explaining techniques from the Wooden Dummy and Biu Jee forms of Ving Tsun.

He first demonstrated about half of the Wooden Dummy form after which he described in detail with practical demonstrations what each move could be used for. He explained that throughout the dummy form the dummy's arms sometimes represented an opponent's right arm and left arm and sometimes the other way round.

There was much practise with examples of Chi Sau techniques

Wong Shun Leung

He explained that the Biu Jee form is basically not an attacking form, but consisted of techniques to use when manipulated into a losing position. Biu Jee techniques can then be used to minimise your losses and escape with as minor damage as possible. One of these such situations could be described as when you are faced with multiple attackers and there are various techniques and concepts in Biu Jee to help you deal with this.

Throughout the whole seminar various dummy and Biu Jee techniques were taught to the audience and practised by them within Chi Sau. During these

Left to right: Philipp Beyer, Master Wong, and UK. sessions Master Won9 sPent time 9oin9 round Senior Instructors Clive Potter and Anthony Kan everyone helping them perform the techniques in the right way.

This year's seminar was felt by many to be one of the best that Wong Shun Leung had conducted in the United Kingdom since he first came some ten years ago. This was due to the large amount of "hands on" experience within the seminar to relate theory to practise and that he covered subjects that are not covered very often in seminars of Ving Tsun Kung Fu.

Wong Shun Leung

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