Eighty Nine Punch to Ribs

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Broken Ribs

Damage: broken ribs, pos- sible lung damage.

Result: attacker will be un- able to breathe for several minutes.

Broken Ribs Bruise

Damage:bruised ribs, internal damage, broken back,

Result: attacker will fall down, usually have internal damage requiring medical help. Ninety-One: Punch to Back of Neck

Punch Side Neck

Damage: broken neck.

Result: attacker will be knocked out, usually crippled; rnay die.

Side Bridge Kick

Damage: loss of eyes or scarring of eyes.

Result: attacker will be in great pain, and lose eyesight, perhaps permanently. Ninety-Three: One-Finger Eye Strike

Side Kick Groin

Damage: loss of eye, permanent eye damage.

Result: attacker will lose eye, or will lose sight for a long time.

Krav Maga Knife Neck

Damage: loss of eye, permanent eye damage. Result: extreme pain, loss of vision, loss of eye.

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