Seventy Seven Ridge Hand to Kidneys

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Self Groin Women Defense Kick

Note: This can be done with the regular ridge hand, or with the bottom fist as shown here, which gives more power, for the ridge hand can be damaging to the thumb if the hand is not trained well.

Damage: bruised kidneys, cracked spine.

Result: kidney damage, extreme pain, death may result.

Die From Broken Neck

Damage: broken neck.

Result: attacker will be knocked out; may be permanently crippled, may die. Seventy-Nine: Ridge Hand to Side of Neck


Damage: broken neck, eardrum , loss of blood to brain. Result: attacker will be knocked out for a few minutes.

Karate Throat Kick

Damage: crushed throat, broken Adam's apple.

Result: attacker will die unless given immediate medical attention.

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