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Fifty-Two: Shuto to Solar Plexus

Krav Maga Plexus

Damage: breath knocked out, loss of consciousness, extreme pain.

Result: attacker will be unable to move, breathe, and will be unable to finish attack.

Fifty-Three: Shuto to Collarbone

Fifty-Three: Shuto to Collarbone

Martial Arts Vital Points

Damage: broken collarbone.

Result: attacker will be unable to pick up arm or to continue to fight.

Damage: broken neck, loss of blood to brain.

Result: attacker will be knocked out for several seconds, or minutes. Fifty-Five: Shuto to Jaw, Side of Face

Flank Pain Related Solar Plexus

Damage: broken jaw, teeth knocked out.

Result: attacker will lose consciousness for several minutes.

Flank Pain Related Solar Plexus

Damage: broken ribs, possible lung damage.

Result: attacker will be unable to breathe for several minutes.

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