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Sixty-Four: Palm Heel to Heart

Aikido Attacking Vital Points

Damage: heart stopped, chest broken, sternum cracked, possible lung damage. Result: attacker will be unable to breathe for several minutes, may die.

Sixty-Five: Palm Heel to Temple

Sixty-Five: Palm Heel to Temple

How Attack Pressure Points Ebook

Damage: crushed temple, concussion.

Result: attacker will pass out for several minutes or have a fit.

Kung Vital Point

Damage: broken neck, concussion.

Result: attacker will be knocked out, may have permanent crippling or death. Sixty-Seven: Palm Heel to Kidneys

Bruised Kidney

Damage: bruised kidney, broken back.

Result: attacker will fall down, have internal damage.

Back The Groin Kick

Damage: teeth knocked out, broken jaw, broken nose.

Result: attacker will be knocked out for many minutes; need surgery.

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