Combat of SAMBO unarmed selfdefense

Vulnerable Point The Human Body

Combat methods - these are the elements of the classical of SAMBO (unarmed self-defense), augmented by new means and components. Here enter dangerous seizures, thrusts, impacts, actions on the vulnerable points of human body, the methods on the use of improvised means and surrounding situation and T.p.

• Impacts by hands. Protection from the impacts by hands.

Sambo Moves Step Step Pictures
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• Impacts by feet. Protection from the impacts by feet.

Strangling seizures. Protection from strangling seizures.

Pressure Points For Seizures

Protection from the seizures and grasps.

Commando Sambo Techniques

• Impacts by knife. Protection from the impacts by knife.

Sambo Defence

• Impacts by stick. Protection from the impacts by stick.

Sambo Self Defense
• Impacts by pistol. Protection from attack [s] by pistol.

Bayonet the battle: protection and attack.

Pressure Points For Unarmed Combat

Protection from the impacts heavy by object.

Sambo Sambo Hand Technique
• Use surrounding situation.
Sambo Self Defense
• Protection from the attack lying.
Kenpo Delayed Sword

• Protection from several attacking.

• Tactics group battle.

• Detention and tracking.

Combat Sambo Stance

• Inspection delayed.

Phs. I dir.

• Special the methods combat SAMBO (unarmed self-defense) (removal of hour; compression and pressure; dangerous thrusts; displacement and the break the vertebrate post).

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