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Mastery Level: 5 Duration: Instantaneous Area of Effect: 1 Target Range: Touch

With this spell, a bit of the Shadow Dragon, the incarnation of darkness, is called to temporarily inhabit the target. Though the Dragon leaves after only a moment, the target is forever altered. The power of Nothingness remains in a permanent hole in the target's soul. The target is forever after a Goju, one of the demon Ninja servants of Jigoku. He immediately gains two Shadow Points, and can acquire more as usual.

This spell takes three hours to cast. Casting this spell requires the target to lie motionless for the duration under a shroud of cloth that was made in the Shadowlands. At the end of that time, the target is allowed a contested roll to resist: the caster rolls a number of dice equal to his School Rank plus Shadow Points, keeping School Rank, against the target's Earth plus Honor, keeping Earth. If the contested roll is successful, the target becomes permanently immune to this spell.

This spell may also be cast as a Maho spell of Mastery Rank 6. Immunity to this spell may be bought as an Advantage: it costs one point and is called "Breath of Purity".

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