Above all, students of the Hidden Moon Dojo are ninja, not traditional shugenja as the Empire sees them. Though they harness the power of kami as shugenja do, they also call upon the power of Nothing, that which once fueled the Lying Darkness. The Hidden Moon ninja are very cautious, always using the kami as go-betweens when manipulating the power of Nothing. The kami not only create a buffer preventing the ninja from becoming corrupted by Nothing, but also serve as an early warning sign, letting the ninja know when he has attempted to draw too much power too quickly. If a Hidden Moon ninja attempts to cast a spell and the kami do not heed his call, he knows that they have just saved his soul.

The Hidden Moon is an invitation-only dojo. As a rule, the only ones outside the school itself that know of its existence are the Clan Champion, the daimyo of the major families of the Scorpion, and the Kuroiban (the Yogo family's anti-maho shugenja, described in the forthcoming Way of the Shugenja). Emperor Toturi I was aware of the Hidden Moon Dojo to a degree — Bayushi Yojiro informed his Emperor of the experi ments the Shosuro and Soshi were conducting within Scorpion lands, and Toturi reluctantly agreed to the necessity of their studies.

After the masters of the Hidden Moon Dojo approach a prospective student, he is assisted in faking his own death within three months' time and disappears into their ranks for a full year of training. The ninja of the Hidden Moon are expected to be the perfect spies and assassins for the clan, and can have only one loyalty — to their master. Family, friends, and lovers are all removed from the Shosuro Tejina's life.

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