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The Goju are not an official family recognized by the Emperor, but they are recognized by Daigotsu and the society of the Lost. They are a strange family, made entirely of those who have been corrupted by Nothing. Those who become minions of the Goju lose the benefits of their former families, to be replaced with the benefits listed below.

A character who is adopted into the Goju family immediately becomes an NPC minion of the Shadow Dragon.

1720 svsts/il:"

Favored Class: Ninja.

Starting Honor: 0.

Class Skill: Hide.

Starting Outfit: Masterwork ninja-to, six master-work shuriken.

Bonus Languages: Bakemono, Ogre, Oni.

Special: All members of this family gain the Lying Darkness subtype.

Note: Starting outfit and bonus languages apply only to characters who begin play as Goju. If the class skill of a Goju's former family is no longer a class skill, excess levels above the normal maximum are not lost. If the change of a Goju's favored class to ninja creates an experience penalty, this penalty applies only to future experience gains.

L52 2S SySTZm:

Goju Family Bonus: Though the Goju tend to choose weak-willed souls to join their ranks, the infusion of dark powers within them creates an indomitable spirit. +1 Willpower.

At 1st level, the stalker gains the ability to look into the hearts of potential victims. He may cast detect thoughts as a spell-like ability. This ability may be used once per day per level gained in this class. Victims of the stalker automatically fail their Will save to resist this ability. In addition, the stalker can always follow one of his victims by making an Intuit Direction check (DC IS).

At 3rd level, the Goju gains a permanent +8 bonus on Bluff, Disguise, Sense Motive, and Diplomacy checks against victims.

At 5th level, the stalker gains a dodge bonus to AC equal to his class level against any attacks made by a victim. If in pursuit of a victim, the stalker's speed increases to match that of his victim (even if the victim's speed is enhanced by magic or a steed).

At 8th level, the stalker can cast charm person once per day per class level on any of his victims, as a spell-like ability. He may also cast a special version of improved invisibility at will as a spell-like ability, making himself invisible only to his victims.

At 9th level the stalker gains spell resistance 25 against any magical effects generated by one of his victims. He may also cast either dream or nightmare, once per day as a spell-like ability, targeting one of his victims. If the victim fails his Will save against either of these effects, he permanently gains one Shadow Point.

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