The AIf/PSC-3 is a portable radio set designed for satelite communications, it also processes the capiblity of C UHF LI5E OF SIGHT > communications. The radio set is designed for long range tactical ground to ground and air to ground communications. The radio set can be used with COHSEC TSEC/KY-57 speech security equipment for secure voice communication.

<3) Tactical mode.

a. Ground to ground.

b. Ground to air.

(4) Secure voice mode.

a. When used with attaching cable and CGKSEC/KY-57.

(5) Preset channels a. Up to 4 preset channels can be set into radio memory before a mission.

(6) Battery types.

a. 2 each non - rechargeable BA - 5590/U lithium organic batteries. 2. DESCRIPTION OF RADIO SET COMPQffFtfTS.

<1> Receiver - transmitter.

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