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French sniper weapons consist of the FR-F1 and FR-F2.

a. FR-F1. The FR-F1 sniping rifle, known as the Tireur d'Elite, is a manually bolt-operated, 10-round detachable box, magazine-fed, 7.62-mm x 51 or 7.5-mm x 54 weapon. The length of the stock may be adjusted with the butt-spacer plates. This weapon's sighting system consists of the Model 53 bis 4-power telescopic sight and integral metallic sights with luminous spots for night firing. It weighs 11.9 pounds, has a barrel length of 21.7 inches, and a total length of 44.8 inches. This weapon has a muzzle velocity of 2,794 fps and a maximum effective range of 800 meters.

Standard equipment features a permanently affixed biped whose legs may be folded forward into recesses in the fore-end of the weapon.

b. FR-F2. The FR-F2 sniping rifle is an updated version of the F1. Dimensions and operating characteristics remain unchanged; however, functional improvements have been made. A heavy-duty biped has been mounted more toward the butt-end of the rifle, adding ease of adjustment for the firer. Also, the major change is the addition of a thick, plastic thermal sleeve around and along the length of the barrel. This addition eliminates or reduces barrel mirage and heat signature. It is also chambered for 7.62-mm x 51 NATO ammunition.

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