2. They will move undetected to three different points.

3. They will perform a detection exercise with the use of NODS.

4. They will record all information in the sniper data book.

5. After collecting necessary data, they will move to an extraction point and construct a sniper hide position. They will prepare for target reduction.

1. Upon target reduction time, the sniper team will prepare for extraction.

2. At extraction time, they will return to the battalion area.

3. The SEO will debrief the sniper team.

4. The SEO will conduct an after-action review.

NOTE: A written test could also be given as part of the EDRE. 9-6. RECORD FIRE TABLES

In accordance with DA Pamphlet 350-38, sniper qualification should occur quarterly. Sniper qualification involves the firing of two field fire tables. Qualification Table No. 1 grades target engagements primarily between 200 and 700 meters. Scores are recorded on DA Form 7329-R, Qualification Table No. 1 Scorecard (Figure 9-12, page 9-38). Qualification Table No. 2 grades on the longer ranges between 300 to 900 meters. Scores are recorded on DA Form 7330-R, Qualification Table No. 2 Scorecard (Figure 9-13, page 9-39). Although the sniper weapon system has an 800-meter maximum effective range, it can effectively hit targets at 1,000 meters. This is a challenge to the sniper and, with successful engagement, is a confidence builder in his ability. To on firing tables No. 1 and No. 2, the sniper must adhere to the

NOTE: Completion of the DA Forms 7329-R and 7330-R is self-explanatory. Blank copies of these forms are located at the back of this manual for local reproduction.

• Achieve a 70 percent standard of 140 points out of a possible 200 points.

0500-0600 Target reduction.

oiiowing standards:

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