B1 M21 Differences

Significant differences exist between the M21 SWS and M24 SWS. These differences are as follows:

a. The barrel is gauged and selected to ensure correct specification tolerances. The bore is not chromium plated.

b. The stock is walnut and impregnated with an epoxy.

c. The receiver is individually custom fitted to the stock with a fiberglass compound.

d. The firing mechanism is reworked and polished to provide for a crisp hammer release. Trigger weight is between 4.5 to 4.75 pounds.

e. The suppressor is fitted and reamed to improve accuracy and eliminate any misalignment.

f. The gas cylinder and piston are reworked and polished to improve operation and to reduce carbon buildup.

g. The gas cylinder and lower band are permanently attached to each other.

h. Other parts are carefully selected, fitted, and assembled.

Figure B-1. National Match M14 rifle.

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