B3 Care And Maintance

Extreme care has been used in building the sniper rifle. A similar degree of attention must be devoted to its daily care and maintenance.

a. The rifle should not be disassembled by the sniper for normal cleaning and lubrication. Disassembly is performed only by the armorer during the scheduled inspections or repair. The armorer thoroughly cleans and lubricates the rifle at that time.

b. The following materials are required for cleaning the rifle

(1) Lubricating oil, general purpose (PL special).

(2) Lubricating oil, weapons (for below zero operation).

(3) Rifle bore cleaner.

(4) Rifle grease.

(7) Shaving brush.

(8) Toothbrush.

(9) Cleaning rags.

c. The recommended procedures for cleaning and lubricating the rifle are as follows:

(1) Wipe old oil, grease, and external dirt from the weapon.

(2) Clean the bore by placing the weapon upside down on a table or in a weapon cradle. hen, push a bore brush dipped in bore cleaner completely through the bore. Remove the bore brush and pull the rod out. Repeat this process four or five times.

(3) Clean the chamber (Figure B-2) and bolt face with bore cleaner and a chamber brush or toothbrush.

(4) Clean the chamber, receiver, and other interior areas with patches dipped in RBC.

(5) Clean the bore by pulling clean patches through the bore until they come out of the bore clean.

(6) Wipe the chamber and interior surfaces with patches until clean.

(7) With the bolt and gas piston to the rear, place one drop of bore cleaner in between the rear band of thegas system and the lower side of the barrel. DO NOT PUT BORE CLEANER in the gas port. It will increase carbon buildup and restrict free movement of the gas piston.

(8) Lubricate the rifle by placing a light coat of grease on the operating rod handle track, caroming surfaces in the hump of the operating rod, the bolt's locking lug track, and in between the front band lip of the gas system and the metal band on the lower front of the stock.

(9) Place a light coat of PL special on all exterior metal parts. B-4. LOADING AND UNLOADING

To load the M21, the sniper locks the bolt to the rear and places the weapon in the SAFE position. He inserts the magazine into the magazine well by pushing up, then pulling the bottom of the magazine to the rear until the magazine catch gives an audible click. To chamber a round, the sniper pulls the bolt slightly to the rear to release the bolt catch, then releases the bolt. To unload the M21, he locks the bolt to the rear and places the weapon in the SAFE position. Then he depresses the magazine release latch, and moves the magazine in a forward and downward motion at the same time.

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