B5 Rear Sights

The M21 sniper weapon system is equipped with National Match rear sights (Figure B-3). The pinion assembly adjusts the elevation of the aperture. By turning it clockwise, it raises the point of impact. By turning it counterclockwise, it lowers the point of impact. Each click of the pinion is 1 MOA (minute of angle). The hooded aperture is also adjustable and provides .5 MOA changes in elevation. Rotating the aperture so that the indication notch is at the top raises the point of impact .5 MOA. Rotating the indication notch to the bottom lowers the strike of the round. The windage dial adjusts the lateral movement of the rear sight. Turning the dial clockwise moves the point of impact to the right and turning it counterclockwise moves the point of impact to the left. Each click of windage is .5 MOA.

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