Operations And Functions

To operate the M24 sniper weapon system, the sniper must know the information and instructions pertaining to the safety, bolt assembly, trigger assembly, and stock adjustment.

a. Safety. The safely is located on the right rear side of the receiver. When properly engaged, the safety provides protection against accidental discharge in normal usage.

(1)To engage the safety, place it in the S" position (Figure 2-3).

(2) Always place the safety in the "S' position before handling, loading, or unloading the weapon.

(3) When the weapon is ready to be fired, place the safety in the "F" position (Figure 2-3).

b. Bolt Assembly. The bolt assembly locks the cartridge into the chamber and extracts the cartridge from the chamber.

(1) To remove the bolt from the receiver, release the internal magazine, place the safety in the "S" position, raise the bolt handle, and pull it back until it stops. Then push the bolt stop release (Figure 2-4) and pull the bolt from the receiver.

(2) To replace the bolt, ensure the safety is in the "S" position, align the lugs on the bolt assembly with the receiver (Figure 2-5), slide the bolt all the way into the receiver, and then push the bolt handle down.

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