Range Card

The range card represents the target area drawn as seen from above with annotations indicating distances throughout the target area. Information is recorded on DA Form 5787-R (Sniper's Range Card) (Figure 4-21). (A blank copy of this form is located in the back of this publication for local reproduction.) The range card provides the sniper team with a quick-range reference and a means to record target locations, since it has preprinted range rings on it. These cards can be divided into sectors by using dashed lines. This provides the team members with a quick reference when locating targets-for example: "The intersection in sector A." A range card can be prepared on any paper the team has available. The sniper team position and distances to prominent objects and terrain features are drawn on the card. There is not a set maximum range on the range card, because the team may also label any indirect fire targets on its range card. Information contained on range cards includes:

b. Method of obtaining range.

c. Left and right limits of engageable area.

d. Major terrain features, roads, and structures.

e. Ranges, elevation, and windage needed at various distances.

f. Distances throughout the area.

g. Temperature and wind. (Cross out previous entry whenever temperature, wind direction, or wind velocity changes.)

h. Target reference points (azimuth, distance, and description).

Snipers Sketchbook

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