The sniper can use holdoff in three ways to compensate for the effect of wind.

a. When using the M3A scope, the sniper uses the horizontal mil dots on the reticle to hold off for wind. For example, if the sniper has a target at 500 meters that requires a 10-inch holdoff, he would place the target's center mass halfway between the cross hair and the first mil dot (1/2 mil) (Figure 3-26).

b. When holding off, the sniper aims into the wind. If the wind is moving from the right to left, his point of aim is to the right. If the wind is moving from left to right, his point of aim is to the left.

c. Constant practice in wind estimation can bring about proficiency in making sight adjustments or learning to apply holdoff correctly. If the sniper misses the target and the point of impact of the round is observed, he notes the lateral distance of his error and refires, holding off that distance in the opposite direction.

Crosshair Showing Windage
Figure 3-26. Holdoff for 7.62-mm special ball (M118)

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