Cloud hands in horse stance

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Cloud hands is a very common name in both Taiji and Qigong, and this too is a Taiji Quan movement. The hands follow the path of the same circle but in opposite directions.

Practising this movement will enhance your co-ordination, improve your mind balance and alleviate insomnia and arthritis. Move like a floating cloud, in a very relaxed way, and let the hands follow your waist. The hands should complete their circles at the same time. Move gently and slowly and look at whichever hand is on top. Breathe naturally -the more you can relax the more you will breathe with the movements.

At the beginning you might find it difficult to move both hands together so just move one hand first and then graduate to using both hands.

1. Again adopt a horse-riding position (see Step 1 of the previous exercise).

2. ^-1 Hold your left hand in front of your left shoulder so that the elbow is slightly lower than your hand. The palm should face right and allow your waist to twist to the left slightly. Your right hand should start below the left hand, level with the Dantien, with the palm facing to the left.

3. I ^ Turn the left palm to face the ground and press down to Dantien level. As the left hand drops, the right should rise.

4. I ^ Turn the left palm to face the right and push in that direction. Allow the waist to twist slightly to the right. Stop when the hand is level with your right side. At the same time, your right hand moves across until it is in front of your right shoulder.

5<= Relax your left wrist, letting the palm face downwards, and raise your hand, wrist first, to shoulder level. Your right hand moves down to Oantien level.

6. Let your left elbow drop slightly and turn your palm to face the right. With your wrist leading, slightly push to the left llntil your left hand is in its original position (see Step 2). The right hand moves across at the same time

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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