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People who are starting to practise Qigong o.ften ask if it is all right to participate in other sports such as swimming, football, tennis, weight training and so on. There is no reason why you should not continue to enjoy these activities, but you will of course be using up the Qi that you have stored. This is because fitness training in the West is based on the principle of 'No pain, no gain'. People push their bodies until they are hot, sweaty and exhausted, after which they need to eat and sleep in order to recharge their energy.

Qigong, as you will by now have realised, is internal training, connccted with the Qi, the blood and the internal organs. When you practise Qigong you will not exhaust yourself, and - quite the opposite of what you experience in sports - the more you practise the more Qi you will have and the more energetic you will become.

Of course, if you practise Qigong you will have more energy than you previously had to expend on the tennis court or football pitch. It is up to each individual to decide what they want out of their Qigong and sporting activities, and to find the right balance for themselves.

Qigong for children and adults

Another question I am often asked is: when is the best age to start practising? Again, this depends on each individual and the maturity of his or her mind. If you can understand the instruction, either from a teacher or from a book such as this, you can start -some children are ready at the age of sevcn or so, while other people need to wait until they are young adults.

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