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A New Life

If you look over to the left hand column of this page you will notice something different. Yes, we have moved across the countiy since you saw us last. Having spent just over ten years as an officer in the United States Marine Corps, I have decided to try something different for a while. After 14 total years of uniformed service, I am now a civilian (the hair is growing back nicely). The move across countiy brings us back to my wife's hometown of Pacific Grove, CA. Now our full time job will be publishing. My wife has been involved in desk-top publishing for the last four years, so her life will remain some what unchanged. On my side of the house, along with expanding the size of the Pa Kua Chang Journal, I have also been busy working on a number of book projects with instructors in the U.S. and China.

By late January we should have our first few new book releases available as well as a new Pa Kua Chang video. Our projects will not be restricted to Pa Kua Chang, but they are going to stay in the realm of Chinese martial arts, medicine, religion, philosophy, and history. Our plans are to publish 2 or 3 new titles every year. So stay tuned.

Could You Repeat that in English

When I read that Pa Kua Chang is a secret, esoteric, or hidden martial arts style, I look over my stack of several dozen books and nearly one hundred magazine articles published on Pa Kua Chang and scratch my head. Granted, until a few years ago there was not much written in English about the style and it was not well known in the United States, but that certainly does not mean it is guarded or secret. The Chinese have been publishing books and articles on Pa Kua Chang on a regular basis since the 1920 s. The catch is that you have to know how to read Chinese. I do not read Chinese very well myself, but fortunately for you and I, Ken Fish does.

If you enjoy the detail of information that we bring to you in the Pa Kua Chang Journal, you owe a big "thank you" to Ken as he has spent many hours late at night translating the stacks of printed material we have collected on Pa Kua Chang over the years.

On the Cover

The cover portrait of Tung Hai-Ch'uan is the only likeness of Tung available to us today. This protrait was made by one ofTung's students, Ch'uan Kai-Ting, a Manchurian.

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