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Pa Kua Chang News Desk

Pa Kua Chang Summer Seminars

It was a busy summer for Pa Kua Chang. A number of well known teachers, including Y. C. Wong, Park Bok Nam, John Bracy, Kumar Frantzis, Zhang Lu-Ping, T. Y. Pang, Adam Hsu, Bow Sim Mark, B.P. Chan, Allen Pittman, Nick Gracenin, George Xu, Johnny Lee, and John Painter held Pa Kua Chang seminars and/or workshops this summer.

Bow Sim Mark

Y.C. Wong teaching in Gaithersburg, MD

The Passing of Sha Kuo-Chung

We recently received a report that Pa Kua Chang instructor Sha Kuo-Chung of Yunnan Province passed away on 7 August 1992. Details of Sha's Pa Kua will be reported in a future issue of the Journal.

Pakua Chang Journal
Pa Kua Chang instructor Sha Kuo-Chung

Pa Kua Chcuig Related Periodicals

Qi: The journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness: Insight Graphics, Inc., P.O. Box 221343, Chantilly, VA 22022 - Steve Rhodes and his crew at Insight Graphics continue to provide readers with interesting information relating to all aspects of Traditional Eastern health and fitness. The magazine is produced in a very high quality format.

Internal Arts Journal: P.O. Box 1777, Arlington, TX 76004-1777 - Internal Arts Magazine has changed to a journal format and promises to bring more technical information relating to all styles of internal martial arts. Pa Kua Chang articles are now included in every issue.

Journal of Asian Martial Arts: 821 West 24th Street, Erie, PA 16502 - This is a high quality publication which provides well researched articles in a scholarly fashion.

1992-93 Calendar of Pa Kua Chang Workshops and Seminars




Contact for Information

Adam Hsu

San Francisco Bay Area

19 - 20 Sept 92

Adam Hsu (408) 973-8762

Kumar Frantzis

Marin, CA

26-27 Sept 92

Caroline Frantzis (415) 454-5243

John Painter

Tulsa, OK

16-18 Oct. 92

Ray Hildreth (918) 486-1107

Bok Nam Park

New York, NY

7 November 92

Ken Delves (718) 788-7190

Adam Hsu

San Francisco Bay Area

7 - 8 Nov 92

Adam Hsu (408) 973-8762

Bok Nam Park

Gaithersburg, MD

14 Nov 92

Ken Fish (301) 330-8008

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