Fred Wu stands in the Ba Gua Zhan Zhuang stance keeping posture which he learned from Sun Xi

the straight line techniques taught by both men were similar, however, there were some small differences.

When the war with Japan was coming to an end, President Chiang Kai Shek began to make plans to rebuild the country and established a program to send young college graduates to study abroad and receive practical training. Eight thousand people from all over China worked in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and many applied to take the examination in order to be selected for the program. Fred Wu passed the examination and won a scholarship to study in the United States. In 1947 Wu entered Ohio State University to study for his master's degree in horticulture.

By the time Wu graduated from Ohio State in 1950, the Communists were in power in China and Chiang Kai Shek's government had retreated to Taiwan. With no job to return to in China, Wu decided to stay in the United States. However, jobs for foreign-born residents in America were also hard to find in the agriculture field and so Wu stayed in college and earned his Ph.D. in Plant Biochemistry in the Agricultural Biochemistry department at Ohio State University in 1957. During a visit to Hong Kong in 1964, Wu had the opportunity to meet many of the prominent martial artists in various fields and studied Yi Quan Zhuang Zhang Gong Qi Gong, QinNa Eagle Claw and weaponry.

While he was attending college, Wu continued to practice his martial arts. Occasionally people would see him practicing and ask what he was doing. A number of people expressed interest in learning the martial arts from Wu and so in 1958 he started teaching Tai Ji Quan and Ba Gua Zhang and has been teaching ever since. Wu claims to be the first Chinese Kung Fu teacher in the mid-west to open up and teach to the non-Chinese speaking public. Although there were Chinese martial arts teachers teaching in Chicago, Wu says that they were only teaching Chinese residents at that time.

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