Fred Wu Wu Min An left poses with his Ba Gua Zhang teacher Li Zhuang Fei center and classmate Jiang Wen Yu in 1946 in Chong Jing China

Li Zhuang Fei, also known as Li Qiu Lei (4- ^ ), was born in Tianjin, China. His father's sister was the first Chinese woman to study western medicine in America (she studied at Smith College). When he was young, Li liked to fight and he practiced Shaolin ), Shuai Chiao (#$), Tie Sha Zhang (M^t), PaiDa ( Daoist exercises, herbal medicine, and massage. His Aunt wanted Li to get a good education and make something of himself so she enrolled him in the Yen Ching University's College of Divinity, a famous American missionary school in Beijing. She wanted Li to study to become a minister. Li Zhuang Fei did not like studying at the college and so he got into a fight with a few of his classmates in order to get himself expelled. After Li left the university he and his friend Wu Meng Xia went together to study Ba Gua Zhang with Han Mu Xia. They studied Ba Gua Zhang and Xing Yi Quan with Han for a total of five years. Li Zhaung Fei received official acceptance into the 4th generation (Shan generation - ^ ^ $■) of Ba Gua Zhang from Han Mu Xia.

Fred Wu states that the Ba Gua Zhang that Han taught Wu Meng Xia and Han Mu Xia was not the same as that taught to Han by Zhang Zhao Dong. Wu says that according to both Li Zhuang Fei and Wu Meng Xia, Han met a Daoist Ba Gua teacher who taught him a style called "Guang Hua" Ba Gua Zhang which originated from the Guang Hua Mountain area of Jiangsu Province. Wu states that according to Li Zhuang Fei, the Daoist who taught Han Mu Xia could have been one of the two students of Bi Cheng Xia ( 1t). Legend says that Bi Cheng Xia's two students were Bi Deng Xia and Bi Yue Xia.1

Han Mu Xia's Ba Gua consisted of basic Qi and footwork training, eight circle walking postures, Chuan Jiu Gong {t^t), Zhuan Huan Zhang - this includes single and double palm changes), Pre-heaven Ba Gua, (also known as "Eight Big Body Turning Ba Gua" or Ba Da Fan Shen - ^ wu Long Bai

Wei Zhang (IhitllfLt - Black Dragon Waves its Tail), Post-heaven 64 fighting palms, and weaponry.

Fred Wu says that after Li Zhuang Fei and Wu Meng Xia had studied with Han Mu Xia for five years, they heard that Gao Yi Sheng was also teaching "Guang Hua" Ba Gua Zhang and they went to meet Gao Yi Sheng in Tianjin and became his students. They found that Gao and Han had the same 64 fighting palms with the same Chinese word names and their techniques were very much the same with only small deviations. The pre-heaven palms and the "Black Dragon Waves its Tail" were somewhat different. The similarity in the 64 fighting palms puzzled Li Zhuang Fei and Wu Meng Xia because it was said that Gao Yi Sheng and Han Mu Xia had never met. Li Zhaung Fei assumed that Song Yi Ren A), the person who Gao said taught him the 64 post-heaven Ba Gua, was also one of the two students of Bi Cheng Xia. Fred Wu says that to resolve this puzzle, Wu Meng Xia and Li Zhuang Fei arranged a meeting between Han Mu Xia and Gao Yi Sheng. According to what Li Zhuang Fei told Fred Wu, when Gao and Li finally met each other they did not have much to say to one another. They exchanged polite greetings and the conversation remained very light. Thus the origin of the 64 fighting palms remains a mystery.

Li studied with Gao Yi Sheng for four or five years. His Tai Ji Quan came from Yang Ban Hou's student, Niu Lian Yuan He later also privately exchanged his Ba Gua Zhang with a friend for the study of Yin Yang Ba Pan Zhang. Wu says that his teacher taught him the Ba Gua he had learned from both Han Mu Xia and Gao Yi Sheng. He states that

Wen Wen Han Legs

Fred Wu with some of his Ba Gua students

Gua Zhang Pose

Fred Wu with some of his Ba Gua students

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