Gao Yi Sheng with two of his students left Wu Meng Xia right Wu Zhao Feng

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or six years with Zhou, Gao then started teaching Ba Gua Zhang in Wu Qing County.

When Gao Yi Sheng was 45 years old (around 1911), he returned to his original home village in Shandong Province. Shandong Province was famous for its martial arts and almost every village in Da Shan Township had a martial arts training hall. At the time, most martial artists in the area practiced one of the Shaolin arts. When Gao first returned to Shandong with the intent to teach Ba Gua Zhang, he had to follow the local custom of engaging in combat with one of the local martial artists. His first contest was against a local teacher named Wu Hui Shan (^Utty who he easily defeated. He later also defeated local teachers Ma Yuan Biao known as the "Tiger of Da

Shan Street," and Li Xue Wu ^A), known as "Iron Palm" Li. With these victories, Gao quickly became well known and martial artists from more than ten surrounding villages came to study with him.

Liu Feng Cai's hometown was only five miles away from where Gao lived in Da Shan Township and Gao Yi Sheng's older sister was Liu Feng Cai's grandmother. When he was growing up, Liu Feng Cai called Gao Yi Sheng "grand uncle." Liu's father was one of the martial artists who began studying Ba Gua Zhang with

Gao Yi Sheng shortly after Gao arrived in Da Shan in 1911. Liu Feng Cai was born on the fifteenth day of the first month of the lunar calendar in 1908. He was a native of the Liu family village in the Wai Feng area of Shandong Province (Wu Di County, Da Shan Township). Liu was born into a very poor family. He started practicing martial arts when he was nine years old. His father was his first teacher.

In addition to studying Ba Gua Zhang, Liu Feng Cai also studied San Huang Pao Chui (-=- JL M), Wu Dang Sword (^.l!*^1]), double sticks, and other weapons in his home village. As a young man, he enjoyed these more "active" styles and his father thought this training would help him develop basic skills which would enhance his Ba Gua training. Later, when Liu Feng Cai taught Ba Gua in Tianjin, he started all of his young students with San Huang Pao Chui to give them a martial arts foundation before they practiced Ba Gua Zhang. When he was in his twenties Liu also became skilled at the "night fighting" saber (Ye Zhan Dao

The "night fighting" saber style was created by a notorious bandit in Shandong Province who passed on his skills to Wang Mao Lin (i fK . Wang Mao Lin became well known for his sword skill in Shandong's capital city, Ji Nan. In a contest with the most well known sword masters in Ji Nan, Wang was undefeated. The "night fighting" saber set consisted of only six short straight line forms. The special skills of this set employed techniques which attacked the opponent's wrists. These techniques enabled the practitioner to find the opponent's wrist even when fighting at night,

Mengxia Taiji

Liu Feng Cai executes a posture from the eighth section of the pre-heaven Ba Gua form (Ting Shen Ban Kou Zhang)

Kouzhang Qing Tai

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