Liu Feng Cai executes a posture from the Horse Form Ning Shen Tan Ma Zhang

hence the name "night fighting" saber.

Liu Feng Cai met Wang Mao Lin in his hometown and defeated Wang in an open-hands contest utilizing his Ba Gua Zhang. After the friendly match was over, Wang said that he had one skill which Liu did not possess. So saying, Wang grabbed a long tobacco pipe (several feet long), which was the nearest object shaped like a sword. He asked Liu to grab a chicken feather duster that lay nearby and try to poke him with it. Every time Liu tried to poke Wang, he was hit on the wrist with the tobacco pipe. Liu was curious about this technique and asked Wang to teach him the "night fighting" saber.

When Gao Yi Sheng was around 50 years old (1917), he left his home village in Shandong and moved to Yang Village, Wu Qing County, Hebei Province. Yang Village was only about 10 miles from Tianjin. In addition to teaching in Yang Village, Gao also began teaching Ba Gua Zhang in Tianjin City. In the early part of this century, Tianjin was a very rough place. It was a major port city with many foreign concessions, thus there was a lot of money in Tianjin. The money attracted the criminal element and the underworld was well organized. Many martial artists in Tianjin, such as Ba Gua and Xing Yi men Zhang Zhou Dong I)

and Li Cun Yi, made a living as bodyguards or bounty hunters and also set a standard for martial arts in the city. Anyone teaching Ba Gua or Xing Yi in the city would have to meet that standard if they wanted to stay in business.

The first formal disciple Gao accepted in Tianjin was Wu Meng Xia ft). Wu Meng Xia had studied Ba Gua Zhang and Xing Yi Quan with Zhang Zhao Dong's top student Han Mu Xia When Wu heard that Gao was teaching Ba Gua in Tianjin he went to test Gao's skill. When the two fought, Gao defeated him soundly. Wu knelt in front of Gao and asked to become a student. Wu Meng Xia was a big man with a reputation as being a good fighter. When Wu began studying with Gao, others became interested in what Gao was teaching. Zhang Jun Feng 0k ^^ was one of Gao's early students in Tianjin who met Gao through Wu Meng Xia (see Pa Kua Chang Journal Vol. 3, No. 5).

While Gao was living in Yang Village, he also periodically returned to his home village in Shandong to teach. When Liu Feng Cai turned 19 years old, Gao accepted him as a formal Ba Gua Zhang disciple. When Liu Feng Cai was 28 years old (1936), Gao moved from Yang Village to Tianjin City and began teaching at the sports field in the English concession. Liu Feng Cai moved to Tianjin a year later so he could continue studying with Gao full time.

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