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Hitting these Advanced Targets can have a devastating effect on your opponent, especially if attacked with the right blow and accuracy. Knowing your own weak spots will improve your defence, whilst knowing your attacker's weak spots will improve your attack.

At the side of the EYE BAND arc the Temples, which although recessed, are vulnerable to a Rabbit Punch, which is covered under a separate chapter.

• A blow to the temples is not only extremely painful but it will also upset your opponent's vision and co-ordination. This is called working on his supply lines and was why the Germans lost the World War II. Instead of going for a full face confrontation against the mighty Hun the Allies used stealth. Realising the futility of direct confrontation with an efficient war machine the Allies instead bombed the supply lines. When the confrontations did arise the Germans would be unable to re-supply with inevitable failure.

It's the same in street fighting. Even if you can't throw a jaw cracking right you won't lose if you keep plugging at the supply lines.

•Also on the Band is the bridge of the nose which is an excellent target, but only if hit with an overhead punch. Punched straight on. the cartilagc flattens against the face and bounces back which only hurts your opponent and makes his eyes water. Punched from overhead, however, and struck with a downwards force the cartilage tends to separate from the skull and hey presto ... one broken nose. And that really hurts!

• The centre target LINE also highlights the neck which is best attacked with Shutos or Open Hand Chops. The techniques for these are covered under a separate chapter. Chops to the front and side of the neck can be very effective for inhibiting breathing and upsetting the supply lines; whilst a chop to the clavicle can be very disturbing.

• The clavicle is one of the easier bones in the body to break and if you succeed then your opponent's arm will stop swinging and just dangle. A broken clavicle means the fight is over ... hopefully. The clavicle provides the fulcrum for the arm on the opposite side of the body and with no fulcrum there is no effective movement. In fact any movement will result in lots of pain.

• The back of the neck is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body and any blows to it can result in permanent paralysis. Think before you hammer fist or let anyone hammer fist you on the back of the neck. Hammer Fists urc covered under their own chapter.

Breaking bones in fights is generally an effective way of ending serious combat hut often only available to the super strong or very lucky ... unless you know the targets and techniques.

Another effective way to break bones (your own!) is to use the wrong attack. If you ever try punching someone in the head do not be surprised if you end up with a broken pinkie. The way to win is to be more prepared and less vulnerable than your opponent which means practise.

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