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Defences against more than one attackcr arc not impossible, especially if you use some brain power. In the following scenario imagine that the conflict has rcachcd a stage where it is no longer avoidable. The other guys are intent on hurting you. All gangs have a leader. He's probably the guy who got them all interested in picking on you in the first place and he's the one you should go for if you feel up to it. After fixing him with another hard Zen stare, which lets him know he's got problems, you should attack with a pre-emptive strike. Running at him, striking and grappling him with the intention of breaking past him and getting away from them all.

The exception to this defence might be where one of the gang members is particularly weak or dozy looking. If you spot a weaker point then go for it. If you defeat the leader then the gang will lose its focus. A good illustration of focus is the following story from a student. A lady was getting a lift home one night with a date when what was a minor row somehow developed into a full blown domestic situation.

Eventually the woman could no longer tolerate being in the same car as the man and insisted on being dropped off. As she began her walk home she was confronted by a group of youths who tried to stop her. Still furious from the blazing row she shouted indignantly at the youths "get the hick out of my way!"

Taken aback by her confidence and aggression, they moved aside and let her through. They obviously considered there were easier targets. The next day she heard on the news of a woman who was gang raped within 3 blocks and half an hour of her incident. Her anger and confidence had, it would seem, saved her.

By keeping on the move you make it much harder for a gang to surround you. Keep this in mind. Once they begin to close on you then you must have worked out your escape route. Don't just stand there and becomc a victim. Remember that if you are outnumbered and a fight is unavoidable then lake it to your opponents.

It must be said that the best form of defence against multiple attacks is that you must use your brain and usually your mouth to get you out of trouble although I know that won't necessarily always work.

We all know what happens in the movies when the unarmed hero knocks out all 8 heavily armed attackcrs in one minute flat, but we arc talking real life here and for the average person, even if ihey are trained in street fighting techniques, if you're heavily outnumbered escape is all there is on offer.

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