Angles Of Attack

These are the areas or gaps you have to covcr to defend yourself properly and the ones you should try to penetrate in order to connect your assailant. As you concentrate on these angles and practise shooting through them until your speed is deadly and your accuracy sure-fire. Eventually you will develop sensitivity to these angles and your reaction in exploding through the gaps in your opponent's defence will be instinctive.

• From the top • If you use a weapon or the bottom of your fist this is the angle you will probably comc from. Seldom used as an opener.

• From the bottom - This will generally start out of your field of vision, such as a low snap kick from the front or an uppercut.

• Straight on - Probably the most common since the quickest route to the target is the straight one.

• From the left • A hook or round kick from the side could becoming from the blind side and is generally difficult to spot

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