Awareness And Avoidance

Fighting is not a sport or a game. It is a dangerous activity which can incur onerous legal and medical implications for its participants. This mean:ยป you!

To stay within the bounds of the law you are allowed to use REASONABLE force in your defence. What is deemed reasonable is relative to the scale of attack; so you can't club someone who insults you in a bar. it's just not reasonable.

Bear this in mind when you arc involved in a situation because in the eyes of the law it could mean the difference between having your freedom and not having your freedom. To the cars of the law threats like ... I'm gonna kill you. bastard" ... arc actually taken seriously. If you utter such predictions and then actually fulfil them you're in serious trouble so remember to engage your brain before opening your mouth. And don't say "I didn't buy this book to learn how to keep out of fights" because if you think like that you arc heading for trouble: What I'm teaching you is street self defence.

Awareness is your Early Warning System. The sooner you are aware of a problem the less likely it is to surprise you. The first step to awareness is not just opening your eyes but actually looking through them. So many people live their life like they're running on auto pilot. Open your eyes and really look at what is happening. Ask yourself... What's that guy up to over there? Is he looking at me? Ask yourself why. Look and question. With awareness you arc avoiding trouble by redirecting the planned route, rather than trying to oppose it.

When I was young I was quite a lad. By my mid teens 1 was known all around town because of my regular scrapcs with local hard nuts and the cops. 1 didn't lake crap from anyone. Only being five foot seven and a half inches my attitude used to upset taller people who seemed to relate height to respect. I grew up needing to be a street fighter. 1 had to achieve respect in a lough world - a world which could have killed me.

Fortunately fate intervened and I met Dr. Lee who showed me the futility of it all simply on the principle that there is always going to be another opponent around the corner. He was right. If you put yourself up as a lough nui then expect to get tested.

If you've attained maturity of mind you will understand that what I say is correct. You can't go through life fighting everyone, but you must be able to defend yourself. Awareness in this sense may simply mean realising what you really have got to do to save yourself... and is it reasonable to involve thai glass ashtray?

Maturity will enable you to defuse situations. Maturity says that if someone stares at you. then you're allowing yourself lo fall into a stupid predicament if you decide to out siare them. Just look the other way (bui don't look down as this can be construct! as a sign of weakness) and defuse the situation.

Higher levels of defusion could even involve an apology. If this gets you out of a confrontation then why not? After all if he really is an arseholc what docs it matter?

If you arc planning to extract an apology from your opponent you will be much more successful if you remove him from his friends. An invitation like "You ... come this wayM will unnerve him because he won't know what's coming next. He'll have to follow you though or he would lose face in front of his mates. Once he's on his own you both have a chance for an honourable exit.

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