When I talk to my students about this I am always reminded of how society has changed. When I was a lad and getting involved in my first fights, biting was widely accepted. A few purists might say that biting your opponent was rather effeminate but they never had to fight for survival on the street. Purists don't know that anything is reasonable on the street if it aids your survival.

A rash of social diseases, notably AIDS. has. however, changed attitudes to a defensive bite. Everyone is paranoid about catching something, and not without good reason.

Given the choice between biting for survival or dying disease free, most sensible folk would opt for the former. Biting is not generally regarded as an opening defence. It's usually saved for later in the fight when things have become more intimate; grappling has graduated to groundwork and you're rolling around trying to escape. This is the time to bite.

One of my lady students recalls how she was oncc attacked. After wrestling her to the ground her assailant managed to climb on top and was pinning her down by the shoulders. Suddenly everything went calm and she looked up to sec that he was unzipping his trousers. This was when she went into survival mode and tapped into her inner spirit Slipping under him she found her face in his groin and bit into his inner leg. She said the speed with which he retreated was incredible.

After flying six feet backwards he collapsed holding his leg and trembling in shock. She made her escape and decided to learn some more about self dcfcnce. which was when I met her. When she told me the story we analysed what she had done and I now use it to illustrate several points.

By slipping under her attacker, rather than trying to push him upwards, she was flowing with the force, not opposing it. Also, the thigh is an excellent area for biting because the flesh is soft. The bottom, inner arms and stomach arc ideal because there's enough flesh to get a good mouthful.

Human bites often become infected because saliva is so powerful. Your attacker's body is likely to find it tricky dealing with the saliva your bite left and an mfcction is a nice souvenir for him

Most biting takes place through clothing and biting into fatty areas saves your teeth. If you need to bite to save yourself then do it, and do it hard.

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