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The kind of concentration required for self-defence or street counter-attack is not the "see only the one spot and blank all else out" type. You have to develop a kind of sixth sense that will make you aware not only of the guy's moves in front of you. but of a possible accomplice creeping up from behind.

This means you cannot afford one slip of concentration. The secret is to stay calm. Read the section on Control again and make sure that you have mastered it. Proper breathing will help and of course the mastery of different tactics and moves will have rcinforccd your confidence. so that you should be well on the way to being able to ensure this mental calm.

At first when faced with an attacker, your thoughts may be chaotic as adrenaline surges and emotions run riot. This is where you simply have to make a decision to shut your mind down and concentrate. Training and practise, practise, practise will make this a normal reaction. Start taking control of your thoughts. Most people just let their thought life roll on without much direction or focusing. Take five or ten minutes at intervals dunng the day and control your thought process. Do this while training too and you will soon be improving your concentration and ability to focus in on something without being distracted.

When you train, don't overdo it. Short but hard training sessions that emphasise quality rather than quantity arc much better than endless bouts that bore you so that you do them half-heartedly and find short-cuts. You will find some recommended exercises in this book, and there are also many books available that can show you how to harden and strengthen your muscles and tone up your whole physique for fitness and health. The key is consistency and balance.

You don't need fancy equipment either. A chair or wall will do tor rising kicks, a pole or even broomstick for trunk twisting. You could construct your own punch bag from heavy leather or canvas. Simple weights, benches and bars needed are at any gym or you could provide your own for home use. It is advisable that you train with a partner when itcomcs to the stretching exercises and weight training.

If in any doubt about your physical health, make sure that your doctor has given you a physical fitness check before you stan and don't overdo it. especially at the beginning. If you are getting sore and tired, stop, otherwise you could tear or seriously strain your musclcs.

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Fitness Fundamentals

Fitness Fundamentals

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