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You will have realised that you are actually building steps here. As you master one aspect of self defence, you are laying a foundation for the next level. All the skills you have built into yourself up to now are preparing you for the next step - control. This means sclf-control as well as learning to control the situation. You mean you can control the chaos and unpredictability of street fighting? Well, not entirely, but face it. the more self-control you have, the more you will be able to impose your will on what happens.

Being cool under pressure and panic situations is essential to survival. You mean it's possible when someone is out to rob or seriously maim you? With practise and determination. yes. And no. it doesn't negate what I said earlier about fear. It is part of learning how to harness that fear. However, as I mentioned before when talking about fear. I point out again that earlier conditioning is responsible for most of what you think is "natural" reaction in you. Like for instance, losing your cool, panicking, freezing or going to pieces. You can leach yourself to keep control. You can rcprogramme your mind to stay calm and in control despite fear and despite the chaos of a panic situation The fact that there are even some professions that demand that kind of control in the face of crisis proves that it can be done For instance, paramedics, firemen. soldier*. police, riot control officers and so on. They have all learnt to stay in control. So it is a matter of mind and decision, not of "natural charactcr" or "natural reaction". You just have to decide, now. that you are not going to panic. You decide now. that you will stay in control, no matter what Remember that the consequences of losing your cool could be death or permanent physical injury.

Please don't forget that sports conditioning docs not prepare you for street fighting. By that I mean that the kind of control or self-control you can develop in sports competitions. even martial arts types, is not the same as the kind you will need in the vicious street situations where brutal and ruthless attacks are being launched against you.

So how can you build up this kind of "cool"? One way is by imagining various situations and picturing your response, the various attacks and counter-attacks. Another is by constant practise and training until you have total mastery of your moves and techniques. When instinct and spontaneity take over, self control and cool-hcadcdness are much easier. Work at it mentally, and by that I mean make sure you have made your decisions concerning carrying the fight to the finish, no matter what it takes. If you can work with partners, then work up situations where you take one another unawares - at home or in a (quiet!) street or lane. There arc many possibilities you can invent that will give you experience and practise.

In the same way as you channel your fear into force, so you can control aggression and anger. You must have seen movies of the guy who reacts to danger situations with a kind of frenzy. He just goes wild, screaming, arms windmilling. feet kicking all over the place. Just think now what he could have achieved if he had controlled all that power and energy.

We have now reached the end of the basic level of street fighting techniques and this is the point when we would normally review the course with my students.

This is the time to look hack on the techniques we have been learning and consolidate them before moving on to advanced level training. In fact this is the time that a dedicated student would turn back to chapter one and read the whole lot again!

As you will have gathered from this manual, training the mind is just as important as training the body. They coexist with each other. When the brain thinks, the body acts correctly but when the body acts without the brain all sorts of disharmony will occur.

Remember the A's to dealing with arseholes and attain ing a safer life:



and remember - practise it!


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