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"Float like a butterfly ... sting like a bee1 -Mohammed Ali

Every system of defence has devised its preferred stance. Street fighting is only different in that your opponent forgot to allow you the chance of assuming yours before trying to pummel your face.

Expcnencc has taught me that the best possible fighting stance to adopt and use when there is the chance of danger, but when no open aggression has begun, is one which shows no hostility, yet prepares you for action, if required.

In street fighting your initial stance will be dictated by where your feet are at the moment you perceive the attack. This is the moment when training will switch you from happy day tripper mode to fight or flight mode as you adopt a suitable stance.

Dropping into a defensive guard may alert your aggressor to the fact that you are more trained than he had anticipated. He might even reconsider his actions. Lucky you if he does BUT whatever his next move you should be ready for it. Your defences are up and you arc on the case.

Western Boxing (itself a Martial Art) advocates leading with the left side for a right handed pugilist and vice versa. The logic behind this is that the left would jab and work at the opponent's defence whilst creating an opening for the more powerful right.

The alternative to this is leading with your right side. If you are right handed then this is called Strong Side Facing. A left handed person will need to experiment to find which is their strong side.

As you develop your stancc, if you find that you are comfortable facing with cither side of your body you are lucky, bccausc being ambidextrous will help the fluidity of your movements. The most important aspect of this lead is that your strong leg is much more able to shuffle you into and out of trouble. This stancc will give you stability with mobility and like a boxer you will begin to duck, bob and weave to shed those blows.

Practice your stance in front of a long mirror or window. The reflection will enable you to assess whether anyone would be frightened. Imagine that you are walking down a street when you are confronted by an attacker. See how sharply you can assume a stancc to deter him.

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