Dealing With Confrontational Situations

Although you have developed awareness and tried avoidance you may find yourself facing confrontation. In this situation never allow reasonable behaviour to be mistaken for weakness but always allow your opponent a way out. Your stance will signal to your aggressor that you arc not a novice if you immediately assume a strong facing dcfence with your hands and legs ready for action. Study the pictures on stances and follow the routines at the end of the chapters on stance and yours will become automatic and light.

If you facc someone with a good stance they will know that you have done this before. They might even change their mind, but don't bank on it.

If they're still closing on you then remember not to oppose their force, only redirect it. The following two techniques are very useful in real street fighting and are great for weaker people because they do not seek to oppose, only redirect. Akido pursues harmony by not opposing force and so should you. The Spinning Out and Running the Mark routines are suitable for redirecting an opponent by using his own force.

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