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There arc in fact more than 28 facts you should know about street fighting but a chapter headed 250 facts etc. seemed a bit too ambitious. However, it was our aim to really cover the whole spectrum of street fighting techniques and you will find the other 222 points in this book, so anyway • here are 28:

1. Street fighting is not a game.

2. There arc no rules. Ifs a no-holds barred contest in which anything goes.

3. Fighting can involve the law which means that you can go to prison for it unless you learn some self control.

4. Fighting can mean a need for medical care, especially where there is a loss of self- control

5. Fights involving points 3 and 4 are generally more serious and can result in the lass of your freedom (If you are considered to be a danger to society you will be locked away from it).

6. You should always formulate your defence to fit the attack.

7. Real life street fights rarely last longer than about 20 seconds.

8. Self-defence is your personal responsibility to yourself and your family.

9. Most fights are avoidable.

10. Counter-attacking can be more efficient than attacking.

11. 90% of attackers will open and lead with their right. If you know this then you know how to counter.

12. Never, if at all possible turn your back on an opponent (unless you are making a run for it).

13. In a real fight, kicking above the waist is inefficient and dangerous. You will be unbalanced and open to counter-attack.

14. The most stupid combat mistakes made by people who don't really know how to fight arc:

(a). Closing their eyes when they strike out (keep them open • you need them).

(b). Leave themselves open. For example they stick their chin out inviting a knockout (instead of keeping it tucked tightly and safely into their chest).

(c). Throw their elbows out when punching, causing their strike to lose most of its force (elbows must be kept tucked tightly in when forward punching).

(d). Attempt to block the attacker's blows by sticking their arms out in the air (when blocking, arms always offer more protection when held close to the area they are defending).

(e). Don't breathe properly so their strikes carry less power and they arc quickly exhausted.

(0. Offer blows lacking real focus. If you have any of these bad habits, get rid of them quickly.

15. In a confrontational situation, you will always do best if you stay cool and keep your panic under control through correct breathing.

16. Be prepared, keeping alert could save your life in the long run. Being extra alert could even save you the hassle of fighting.

17. In a fight, make noise - it intimidates your opponent, helps you breathe correctly and gives your blows extra power.

18. Controlled aggression will give you the will to win.

Knowledge is essential in street fighting to aid your survival but is normally only acquired through the passage of time. To save you bruises and pain here are some personal experiences I have come across in my years of wandering around getting myself into "trouble".

19. Never face your opponent square on. This pose has no protective value as it leaves all your major targets open for a hammering.

20« A good stance will present the strongest side of your body towards your opponent. This is called 'strong side facing'. A strong side facing stance allows easy backwards and forwards movement for attacks and defence whereas a square facing stance does not.

21. The centre line runs down the middle of the body and has a number of useful and effective targets on it. Also by selecting targets on this line you increase your chanccs of scoring a secondary hit if your opponent moves.

22. Remember that it is vital to aim for target* rather than just vaguely throwing your flstx around. Apart from the centre line targets there are also the high value joints. A powerful Wow into the shoulder or knee will upset that joint. As swelling increases so mobility dccrcascs and your opponent begins to decrease in cfficicncy. This is why you do not need to go for the one punch win. This elusive blow leaves you over extended and exposed to counter-attack. If you go for it then you will be deluding yourself.

Don't get over excited and don't get over extended. Any boxer will tell you that it is better to counter-attack than attack.

23. As you strike your opponent you must project power. Letting out a shout as you strike your opponent will increase the force of your blow.

If you get hit with a stunner and begin to see stars then you are a standing target. Unless you clinch your opponent he will really start hurting you so you must cover up (see following diagram). The essentials of a clinch arc to contain both of your opponent's arms and to tuck your head into his chest. If you don't do this then you arc likely to continue to sustain damage, so really hug him.

As the stars begin to recede don't forget to try a headbutt to the underside of his chin.

This can be very effective and might just reverse the result. In fact I think this is called clinching victory out of defeat!

24. If you're being attacked in the street, or even molested on public transport, don't be timid. Shout at your attacker. Whatever you say make it firm and loud enough to be heard by other people. Don't bccome a statistic by being afraid to speak out.

25. Bladders are a popular midsection target. If you get the chance then empty yours before going into battle. Then should you receive a blow you are less likely to sustain actual damage such as toxic shock syndrome.

26. When the fight starts your body can be overcome by a rush of emotion which can cause a certain lack of control and relaxes the bladder. This is a different dilemma to actually peeing yourself from fright and should be borne in mind.

27. Relaxation, which is the key to leaking bladders, is also ncccssary for speed. Relax your muscles on the way in and tighten them on impact, then relax as you pull your arm back. This is the secret to whipping punches.

2g. If your opponent grabs hold of you with both hands don't waste time and energy trying to release his grip. Instead nail him with some blows. You should never tie up both your hands grabbing an opponent just as you should never block with both hands.

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