First Strike

If you want to end a fight almost before it has begun then you need to bridge the "gap" as quickly as possible. The idea is to close the distance between you and him with your body so that you can break through his defence and wrap it up. There arc many different ways of doing this, (my previously mentioned little incident in Miami being just one) but the most common is probably using a low kick and then closing in with hand tactics. Alternatively you could feint with the hand and use a kick-attack. Another method is to slip past his attack and bridge the gap using the feet.

Bear in mind that the actual distance between you and the attacker is actually a weapon. He has to get within range in order to attack you. You need to develop a "feel" for this range or gap. You have to be able to get within your perfect range while trying to stay out of his. You do this by weaving, closing in. leaping out, avoidance tactics, blocking and learning to use your feet well. When you tram with your partner stay aware of these gaps between you and note at what distance your blows arc most effective. Practice slipping quickly out of hi* way once you have delivered your blow or in order to evade his. As you keep on practising. you will develop sensitivity to the gap between you and an opponent, especially if you are up against a guy who likes to kick.

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