Fists And Fingers

1. Clench your hands into fists and in a push-up position let the weight of the upper part of your body rest on your two fore-knuckles. Your palms should be facing inwards and the top of the fist pointing straight ahead as though you were actually punching. The balls of your feet must support the weight of your lower body. Now do as many push-ups as you can manage with your wrists firm.

2. Perform the same exercise using your fingertips instead of your fore knuckles. Start with your fingers spread out and then as you get stronger gradually bring them closer together. This will strengthen your fingers for thrusts and your grip.

3. When you use the heavy bag practise the punches shown in this book, varying your lead side. This will help you punch no matter which leg is forward. Watch your breathing, exhaling when you strike and relaxing the muscles before contact, tensing on impact. Lock your wrist and leave your fist in the bag for the sake of conditioning, letting it bounce away.

4. You could also use a sandbag filled with sand or beans, either laid on a flat surface or against a wall. Use it in the same way as with the heavy bag and as you get tougher, try filling it with denser material to increase resistance.

5. Digging your fingers into a bean bag will strengthen your grip and shoulders. Throw the bean bag into the air with your left hand and catch it with your right, and vice versa, digging in with your fingers. Wiih experience and development you will be able to use ball-bearings instead of beans.

6. Starting with beans, which you will replace with fine sand as you develop, sit in straddle stance in front of a bucket of beans. Thrust the fingertips of each hand deep in trying to get to the bottom.

7. Get a resistant hard rubber pad. put it on a hard flat surface and kneeling in front of it. claw each hand into it, making a snap movement with hand and wrist. Don't let your hand bounce off.

8. Using the edge of your hand like a sword, strike down on a large diameter pipe without letting your hand bounce off. You can do this a couple of hundred limes with each hand.

9. To develop a strong thrust as well as toughen up your palms, assume a fighting or straddle position in front of a rough-barked tree and execute palm strikes with alternate hands.


Your forearms arc responsible for blocking as well as striking so you need to condition them to pain as well as toughen them up. Remember that it does not happen overnight and don't rush the process.

1. Strike the fleshy inner and outer part of your forearms against a round-surfaced object, like a pipe or baton without letting your arm bounce off it. Start at fifty strikes and work up to two or three hundred.

2. Face a partner in the ready position and strike opposite forearms together. As you alternate arms, move over the whole blocking area from low to mid high level to condition the whole surfacc.


Unless you are going to be fighting barefoot, which very few people do. you won't need to spend too much time touglKning up here. Simply use the heavy punching bag. kicking it with each foot, working through the different kicking exercises in the book.


You need to condition the shins against kicks and blows since they tend to be in the line of fire. You can toughen them up by striking them against a heavy bag. making sure they don't bounce off.

Alternatively, roll a rolling pin up and down each shin about a hundred times, gradually increasing pressure.

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