Foot Movements

While your body is using its own momentum and gravity and the line of greater forcc in landing blows, it must be correctly supported by the legs. The smooth, or gliding, step carries the blow and makes sure that it lands with full effect. Your opponent is not going to stand obligingly still while you land punches! He will be ducking and reacting to your moves. Consequently, it is important that you don't advertise your movements with steps, jumps and starts. If you move threateningly and obviously towards him. he will instinctively prepare himself for the punch you are preparing.

It is important that you practise the smooth or gliding step so that he cannot gauge when you are coming and where you are coming from. Do not lift your foot with deliberate, purposeful, steps but glide forward with your punch. Raise your foot so that it barely grazes the surface of the floor as you move forward. Your opponent will not be aware of your move until the punch has landed. This movement will combine with the other factors of speed, precision and instinct.

• If you stand motionless while throwing a punch, it runs the risk of falling short. If you glide in as you punch, you will connect with your opponent with greater body force and penetration.

• Do not stand at a distance from your opponent and "reach" out towards him. Glide in close enough with your punch to hit him forcefully.

Using the gliding step with the body hook will bring much more power to bear on your opponent

The gliding step helps to carry the force of the blow so that it becomes a knockout punch.

Without the gliding step, the hook lacks the deadly effectiveness of the punch at a closer range.

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