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When you get down to the actual nitty gritty of the build up to a fight you'll realise that it's mostly about posturing and parading. Whether we're talking about the animal kingdom where feathers become ruffled and hackles rise or the human kingdom where chests are inflated and testosterone emitted, it's all basically the same ... it's all about calling the other person's bluff

Psychologists (and successful gamblers) are the masters of bluff. A little of it applied in situations can work to your advantage. As stance might be considered important for the physical portrait of defence so eye contact is for the psychological. Keep your eyes fixed on the target and use the tunc available to stare with energy at your aggressor. Project your lack of fear and try to unnerve him.

You must realise that psychology (or using your brains) is important in every aspect of street fighting. By knowing that you arc unnerving your opponent you are improving your own confidence and chances. The brain is a powerful weapon. A little psychology can go a long way toward disarming aggression. Your own personal confidence will be unproved further by defending with routines which you have practised and with which you arc familiar.

Knowing that most people "looking for trouble" are bullies is another great morale booster. Bullies don't want to fight if they know there is a good chance they will lose. They just want to make noise and impress their friends. Remove them from their audience and you will have a greater chance of defusing a situation.

To physically psyche out an opponent try a Straight Finger Tap to the Chest, but only after practising it. To be effective you need to project force through a locked and prodding finger but to be really impressive you need to hit the sternum. A firmly planted pinkie here can give an aggressor a false impression of your power because it makes so much noise and seems to echo inside his body. Try tapping your own sternum and sec what happens. Then you'll understand why it freaks a lot of people out.

Developing a presence is another way of freaking out a thug. Think of events where the police arrive on the scene and take over - command a presence, an attitude of control and dominance that stops a lot of attackers in their tracks.

Obviously this is something that you cannot pretend. This will flow up from inside you as you master the steps and learn to harness fear, anger and aggression. Then as the self-confidence grows, so you will be learning to project this attitude of conttol. of command, of being the top dog. It intimidates the potential attacker, mainly because he thought of you as a victim, as prey, not as someone who could suddenly rise up and dominate him.

To really master this presence, you need to be convinced of your own worth If you arc one of those people who arc always making excuses for being, then you need more help than this book can give you. Hey, you are valuable as an individual! So stand up for your self Realise and accept your worth, smarten up your self-image. Be proud of yourself. You count, you matter! Walk tall and you will soon start feeling that way too.

A lot of prospective thugs select their victims by watching their body language. So make sure you project confidence, assurance and pride. Very often in psyching out a guy who wants to beat you up, it's not what you say that will convince him as much as the way you say it and what your body stance says. Mean what you say. Leave no room for doubt or questioning. Convey strength and in most cases the issue won't even become physical.

Just a word of caution though. It is better to try to throw him off guard by pretending to surrender and then attack while he is unprepared. Let me demonstrate this point with a true story. This is something that actually happened to me in the city of Miami in the U.S.A. on the evening of July 18th 1987 (yes, I remember the date!).

Without going into how or why. I was trapped in an empty warehouse with a thug who was pointing a loaded handgun at me and had every intention of using it to kill me. Wc were about 12 feet apart and he was tense and alert and ready. It seemed like there was nothing I could do to prevent myself from becoming just another murder statistic. What do you think I did ? I stayed calm (on the inside if not on the outside as I shall explain). There was no way I could close the space between myself and the thug without him dropping me. there was nothing I could pick up in lime to use as a weapon or shield (fat chancc). nowhere I could run to for cover and absolutely no hope of receiving any mercy - the thug wanted me dead and he enjoyed killing people.

But here I am today alive and well and teaching you about self-defence and street fighting. So what did I do ? Well, because the thug was such a nasty, vicious piece of work and supremely confident of his control of the situation. I decided to try and turn his vicious confidence to my advantage by doing something which is the total opposite of everything I've so far told you about confronting an aggressor (but I did say there were no rules). I collapsed to my hands and knees sobbing and begging for mcrcy Do you think I really thought he would show any ? Of course not, but I had seen his sort before and I gambled on him enjoying and relaxing upon seeing what looked like a vulnerable and pathctic victim. I wasn't wrong, he smiled and lowered the gun. Walking towards mc I could see he was positioning himself to kick mc as hard as he could in the face. He just couldn't resist it. I appeared to be totally non threatening and he felt safe. He was going to have some fun with me before he killed me (or so he thought).

To cncourage him further 1 even moved my head into a position that would enable him a perfect' kick. It was to be his biggest mistake. What he didn't count on was that my act was just that, an act to get him in closc and lower his guard. Although I seemed to be totally depending on his "mcrcy". I was in fact fully alert and prepared.

When he went to kick me hard in the face, he didn't even try to hide his movement, so confident was he of my total capitulation. It was like watching a slow motion movie. When his leg was half way to connecting with my face I sprang into action, parrying his leg to one side and punch ing him with all my might in the balls. His split second of shock gave me just enough time to grab his gun and disarm him (by breaking his arm). What happened next I am not prepared to detail but I hope this little story emphasizes the importance of understanding human psychology and the value of the element of surprise.

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