Knee Strike

This is a most effective form of attack and can temporarily disable a foe. Bend your knee and bring up your leg. timing at your opponent. This type of attack obviously is reserved for situations when your opponent is at very closc range.

Knees are even more solid than elbows and can be used against very solid targets like the head, subject to the condition that you never kick above ihc waist. The way around this problem is to get hold of your attacker's head and bring his nose down to your knee

Knees are also good for getting into the midsection for auacks on the solar plexus, kidneys« spleen and bladder. Lastly there is the groin.

Remember knees do have their weakness and mainly this is when they are attacked from the side. Under the chapter about kicking we talked about side snap kicks which seek to collapse ihe knee. The defence against a side shot is to roll the knee inwards and absorb the blow on the back. It is well worth practising because kicks to the knee are not uncommon.

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