Importance Of Movement

"Everything is in a flux.ยป9' - Confucius

It may seem obvious but when you fight it is important to move about. Any fighter who remains rooted to the spot will get nailed This is an amateur's mistake which only training can combat.

The essentials of Western Boxing include the well worn phrase .. "duck. bob and weave"... and for good reason. A solid stationary body absorbs the full impact of a blow whereas a moving, rolling body sheds, deflects and disperses the incoming force. As boxing has always been full contact it contains some good blocks and blows which arc adaptable to street fighting.

Once you have discovered the essentials of body movement you will begin to learn how to smoothly and with subtlety reposition yourself without tripping over your feel or giving aw ay your intentions. This is w here real time sparring can pay dividends It will help you identify and disguise a dropping shoulder giving away an incoming punch or learn the art of striking from outside your opponent's field of vision.

The Strong Face stance that I advocate for your defence allows a good forward and backward shuffling movement without signalling your intentions.

The True Way Arts advocate not opposing force with force. This principle of flowing defences is especially useful for smaller men and women and forms the basis of many shedding and blocking moves in this book. Always remember ... pull if pushed and pu<h if pulled ... but never oppose force because it might hurt you. Tai Chi and Sorinji Kempo arc proponents of circlcs.

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