Increasing Effectiveness

The first step towards cfTcctive punching is knowing the vulnerable areas.

The second step is knowing how to harness all the potential of your body to make the best use of your specific resources.

To do this you must be able to "put your shoulder behind the punch". The line of greatest strength runs from your shoulder down your arm. through your knuckles to the target. If your shoulder is correctly behind the punch, you will not suffer the "recoil" when your fist connects with your opponent - his body will have to absorb almost all the shock. This is an important factor in achieving a knockout. If your shoulder is not correctly behind the punch, you will feel the "recoil", or rebound, from the punch and it will throw you off balance. Concentrate on keeping your elbows in as much as possible, without actually cramping your movement. If your elbow is pointed out, you will not be making full use of the line of greater force and the punch will be weaker. Keep your wrist straight and rigid when punching.

• When you deliver a right cross with elbow out, it will not be strong enough to ensure a knockout, whereas keeping it within the line of greater force will back it with the momentum of your whole body and increase the shock of connection.

• Even the whip-like hook gains greatly in effect and force if the elbow is kept in, sincc it brings the whole body in support of its impact. With the elbow in. this blow can be devastating. This is a very simple demonstration of the effect of punching within the line of greater force.

• If your opponent is punching with elbows out, he cannot take advantage of the added power and force that he could have counted on from the strength of the shoulder and body behind it. If however he is keeping his elbows in. his resistance and balance cannot be offset in this way since he is benefiting from the additional force of the line of power through his shoulders to his fists.

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